Here are my weekly reviews of Piyo. I bought this program about 4 months postpartum.PiYo DEFINE YOURSELF
This has been the perfect program to rebuild my core in a safe way! You can feel your body getting stronger so quickly and your arms have what seems like instant definition because you do a ton of tricep pushups. It works to increase your flexibility through moving through different yoga position with out putting strain on your body in a harmful way. Piyo is a wonderful program for ANYONE! Anyone who needs the extra help with flexibility so runners and weightlifters. Anyone who like me is or will be postpartum and wants to rebuild the core safely! Anyone who is looking to change up their routine. Anyone who breaths, walks up right, has opposable thumbs, anyone, anyone, anyone! This program is the reason that I started my health and fitness journey. The reason that i began to Climb Mt. Fitness. This program was my turning point and it can be yours too!!

Week 4 Piyo review

Week 5 Piyo review

Week 6 Piyo review

Week 7 PiYo review

Week 8 PiYo review

This was an amazing journey! I had great results with this program and owe it my pounds shed, my inches lost, and the motivation and realization of what im capable of!!! If you are ready for these same results contact me and we will get started TODAY!!!


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