About Me

Hello- My name is Ashley and welcome to Climbing Mt. Fitness. Let me share a little bit about myself. I have been married 7 years and I am a mother of two children, ages 3 and 8months. Together, we have a wonderful, crazy life and I am amazed daily with my many blessings. My fitness journey has not been as delightful. Filled with up and downs, it began about just under 7 years ago. Lets start at the beginning.

I still remember the day that my parents and I went to look at wedding dresses. I didn’t really go through the whole store or dresses only about 5 and somewhere around 3 is where I first put on “THE ONE”. When i cycled back through to IT my mom said “That’s it, that’s the one”, my dad told my mom that i looked like a princess. I thought what that cant be it, it has to be more complicated than that but when i looked and turned and imagined myself in it walking toward Russell…..it was IT they were right! We bought it, it came in and not a single alteration had to be made. I still remember my mom saying “don’t even think about gaining or losing an ounce,” and i didn’t!!.

right after we said “I do”

By the end of the next year i had gained 15 or 20 lbs. I was devastated! Most because I couldn’t fit into my scrubs, i was in school and not working. We did not have the extra money to spend on my scrubs cause I wouldn’t quit eating everything in sight. So i got it under control and by May when I graduated I had lost those pesky lbs. Ahhh. So then I got hired about a month out of school in 2010 and by the end of that year I was back up 23lbs! In June of 2012 I got pregnant with our son and gained 46lbs on top of the 15 i brought into the pregnancy. I was well rotund! By my sons first birthday i had lost the entire 60 lbs through diet only. 9 months after that we got pregnant again and this time I was much healthier and much stronger and still gained 43lbs……..

Both taken at 31 weeks. On the left I was pregnant with Aiden and on the right Charleston.

After having Miss Charleston I was looking for something to help me get back in shape. I wasn’t only focused on losing pounds this time. I was ready to start pushing myself toward a goal total, optimal fitness. My search lead me to Piyo, a low intensity mix of Yoga and Pilates. Best of all for me there was no equipment needed and the videos are about 35 minutes for less. In less that two weeks I could feel my body getting stronger, I could see my body beginning to change. I was in love with this program and with the results I was getting! Like most of us, however, life distractions got in the way.

In March of 2016 ,I stumbled upon a challenge group that was starting in 4 days and my first thought was “I have to do this”. I wanted to get started and I knew I was going to have to make a total commitment and take that first step!

With in the first week of being apart of a challenge group, we started to get to know each other, build bonds, pushing each other, supporting each other. These were people that I had never met but who had come together for a common goal: to get healthy! It changed everything for me! Suddenly I was doing my workout and posting it because the other members were. I was no longer alone in trying to eat right and staying commited! I was with other women and we were in it together. We are a community of people taking care of our bodies and getting healthy.

These experiences have led me to join Beachbody as a health and fitness coach. Not because I know it all, not because I’m ripped up , not because I have sworn off pizza. But because I, just like some of you have a desire to take care of my body, fuel it with the right things, push it to see what its capable of. I would love the opportunity to help you on your fitness journey! I would love to bring you into this community and help you reach your goals. Please, feel free to contact me to discuss any goals that you might have or questions about my journey or what I have found to be successful. I would love to hear from you and walk with you at we climb Mt. Fitness.

Our sweet little family!



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