P90x3 review Week 2

IMG_1569.JPGOk soooo this program, well all the P90x programs scare the crap out of me! I tried the original P90x back in maybe 2009 and I thought I was going to die LOL! I think I only made it maybe 15 minutes into the first workout and this chick was DONE!

When I started working out and really dialing in on my health last March there was always this side ways glance I was doing at this program. I wanted to tackle it but I was really scared that even after all this time and all this work that I still wouldn’t be able to hang.

Was I prepared? I was happy to learn that the past year of so i have spent preparing my body for this program and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be! (Piyo, 22 Minute Hard Corps, Core De Force)  I still hate cardio (who else is with me?) Thankfully  these moves arnt standing in one place cardio moves. Those, to me are the worst lol!! There are some moves that I have never done before and so they require a little coordination practice for me but they are all totally do able.

What is my favorite workout? Yoga X3 is my absolute favorite!! Being the HUGE PiYo fan that I am, I enjoyed taking my yoga to the next level. There are moves I totally cannot do but instead of it being something bad it presents the challenge that keeps me going back to perfect. This week Im going to get some of my favorite moves together from each of the workouts so that yall can actually see some of what we are doing and get a good feel for how they go.

How much room is needed and equipment so far? I dont need a ton of room to do the workouts, which is nice! I do like to do the agility workout outside but that is because Im not exactly what you would call agile hahaha so the carpet tends to keep me from moving as smoothly as I like. I have only done one workout so far that I have needed a hand weight which I LOVE. Occasionally you need one or two towels as targets to put down on the floor and the agility workout they have two strips of tape on the floor with X’s drawn on for targets. Since i do this workout outside, I used chalk to make the X’s on my drive way which totally worked. 

The meal plan? So I think that I mentioned this before  but Im following the suggested calories for the program BUT Im using the 21 day fix Plan C to a lot my calories. Which is an 1800 calorie plan and a TON of food! Which sounds like a great deal but it can be difficult for me to get in all the food. And when you are burning calories like you do in this program you need those calories for fuel!! I have found that in order to get in all these categories I HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN. In the past i have functioned pretty well with out one but I just cant keep straight with out having a plan before the day gets started or at the very least writing it down through the day. If you havent seen them here are a few of my recent recipes that I have tried out!! Spanish Cauliflower Rice and Chocolate Shakeology Pie

Here is my week 1 meal plan And my Week 3 meal plan (this should be my 4th week but life way crazy last week to I am redoing week 3 !!)

Results so far? Im pretty pleased with my results so far. In the past I have always associated my personal fitness or success. Which never made any sense really because I never believed that when it came to others. In my mind thought I wasnt “where I needed to be unless I got to X weight” but after two babies and adding a workout program into my daily routine that actually working for me AND works together to involve my whole body and work it evenly, my previous goal weight is out the window. My main goal moving forward is core definition and this program is really working on that quickly. PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage1
Left: Before, Middle: After Week 1 Right: After Week 2

The fact is, is that Im a mom of two, who works once or twice a week out of the home, who’s husband works 24 hr shifts at the time plus extra through out the week. My life is made easier by the occasional pizza delivery or 5$ Hot and Ready LOL. I also, like most moms, get so tired I can hardly drag myself to bed. Being 100% perfect ALL the time is just not a possibility nor is it a necessity. We are striving for progress NOT perfection. We are striving for creating a NEW LIFE. Where we respect our bodies and food equally. Where we begin to understand how to fuel our bodies and how and what to do gain physical and mental strength. Im so thankful that this is possible in 30 minutes a day. I work, I sweat, I pour out what I have left at the end of the day into myself and Im better for it. My family is better for it. I have more to give them because of that 30 minutes that I spend getting my butt handed to me by Chalene, Tony, Joel, Jerico or Autumn!!

If you are on your health and fitness journey and are in search of what might work for you I would love to help you figure that out in any way that you would like. I love connecting people with programs that work and seeing them get the amazing results that I have experienced! Fill out the application below and lets chat! I would love to get to know you more and talk about your goals, what you are looking to accomplish and help you get there!!

I look forward to hearing from you!




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