Take 2: P90X3

IMG_1113.JPGMany many moons ago my husband and I decided that we would start working out. Being the newly married woman that I was I decided I would go with whatever workout he picked out…..HA….. After careful consideration this lint licker picked P90X to be the workout we would do! Um yeah not happening. I did the first day, well let me rephrase that! I did the first 15 minutes of the first day began to shout expletives at the tv and was done.

Since March of 2016 I have be on a journey to getting fit. I wanted strength, I wanted clarity and I wanted to see what was hidden inside. I have spent just over 12 month focusing on my health physically and mentally. Figuring out who I am and what I can do when I put my mind to it. So often us mamas can get into the rut of filling everybody’s cup but our own! I mean think about it who gets pancakes first? Who gets is the car first? Who gets their drinks poured first? Who opens their presents first on Christmas? I tell you who!! The very people that God had blessed us with the opportunity to take care of!! Not joking, not being funny or sarcastic that’s absolutely what I believe in. How, how can we take care of them the way that is intended if we are falling apart? How?IMG_1112

So fast forward into 8 years of marriage, 2 babies, and those many moons in to my
birthday and here I am taking another crack at it! In March of 2016 I started my health and fitness journey. I was 6 months postpartum with our daughter and I was exhausted and my body was spent. There is no way that i would have been able to start with this program! I needed time to prepare myself mentally and physically to challenge this past failure.

So now is the time, now is when I decide to plug in give it my all and attack these 90 days with some UMPH! To accomplish this means confirmation that I have grown, that I have done more over the past 13 month than flail around on the floor (at times, lol) sweat, yell at the tv and turn down cake (riiiiight, yep I turned down cake!) I grew,  I became better, I challenged myself and I have been found with new strength, new abilities and a new passion for seeing just what Ashley can do!!

One change I decided to make was that after taking the short quiz to find my caloric needs based on the guide, I decided to stick with the Portion Fix break down. So after finding that I would need 1800 calories a day to reach my goals, I knew that translated into Plan C on the portion fix system. Here is my First meal plan with Plan C and I have to say this is a TON of FOOD!!!



My plan is to go  by this plan and tweak it if necessary! Listening to your body is key to fueling your body properly. Everyone is different and everyone needs different amounts of foods and at different times of the day. So getting started somewhere and then really paying attention to things like energy level and mood and such will tell you the adjustments you need to make!

I’m so excited about getting started with this program!! I know that its not going to be easy and not always fun LOL but its goin to be so worth it!! The great thing is that I can spend just 30 minutes a day focusing on my health so that I have that much more to give my family. I truly believe that through improving our health and fitness as mothers, wives, and homemakers we allow ourselves to have more to pour into our lives, out husband, children and families!!

What is P90X3?
It is a off shoot of the SUPER POPULAR P90X! In this program Tony Horton throws full body exercises and moves your way to ton and sculpt your body FAST. 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week (with an optional workout on the 7th day). There are 4 calendar options; Classic, Lean, Mass and Doubles. Im working off of the Lean Calendar.

What do you need?

IMG_0976Resistance bands or Pull up bar, small towels, hand weights (I have a 5 and a 10 and that is good for now) and WATER!!
You dont need a ton of space in fact my hubby and I worked out in my kids playroom the other night and it worked out fine. Tight but fine, interesting but fine.




Half Price this Month!

This month Beachbody has an amazing opportunity this month!! In fact in you have ever considered trying shakeology now is the time!!! This month if you purchase the Beachbody OnDemand All Access pass, Beachbody is giving you a chance to purchase to purchase 30 Days of Shakeology for just 61$!!!! Not only will you get 12 months of Beachbody OnDemand, which is the Netflix of workouts. You will get EVERY program Beachbody has to offer past, present, and access to the NEW programs they have coming out this year! I can’t even get Shakeology at this price with my discount.

Whatcha think? Need more details? Fill out the application below and we will chat and I can answer any questions you have! I look forward to hearing from you!!



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