Get Shakeology Half off This Month!!!

Y’all I am so pumped about this!!! If you have ever considered trying Shakeology NOW is the time to do so! In the year I have been coaching it has never gone on sale and this month you can it get for 1/2 the price?? What?!

This is a price I can’t even get it at!!

When I first started my challenge group I have to admit I didn’t understand the value of this nutritional shake! But let me tell you I have more ✔️energy ✔️my body functions better ✔️ I skipped my yearly cold (that I got 6 years in a row!) ✔️ my finger nails are growing ✔️ and my cravings are seriously reduced! I never expected all of that from something I only agreed to buy so that I could have accountability to workout 🙌🏻

If you have been putting off and putting off giving it a try but you have been wanting to, now really is the time.

There won’t be a BETTER promotion or a BETTER time!

Wonder why Shakeology is called you Daily Dose of Dense Superfoods??

In ONE serving this is what I get:
~Protein & Amino Acids (aka- chia, flax, quinoa! Pea, rice & oat protein if you drink vegan!),
~Antioxidants & Super Fruits (goji berry, pomegranate, acai, blueberry etc!)
~Phytonutrients & Super-Greens (moringa, chlorella, SPIRULINA, spinach & kale)
Adaptogen Herbs (ginko, maca, astragulus, mushroom etc.)
~Prebiotics & Probiotics (yacon root, chicory root, lactobacillus etc)
& Digestive Enzymes)
~ No GMO’s or artificial sweeteners either!
~LOW sodium

I would never be able to get all that in my diet by myself! All that plus its tastes amazing?!

Spots are going quick in my Spring into Health group starting April 17th! Start today reaching your goals! This is all you no one is going to do it for youHalf Price this Month!


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