Overnight Oats, Grab and Go Breakfasts

Im the kind of girl that HAS to plan out my carbs or else i hoard them and get to the end of my day and ravenous!! This week I decided to expand my love for overnight oats and plan them into each of my mornings. These are great because they are yummy, super quick to prepare and you can take them with you out the door!

My go to is usually a Blueberry Muffin version but i knew that I would want a little something different by the end of the week not to mention i would be running out of last years blueberries!! I decided to go with 6 different versions. yum yum yum. I also needed to figure out what I was going to do about only having 3 mason jars LOL! Plus I wasnt too keen on eating 6 day old Oatmeal come friday!!

Check the video below where I share exactly how I worked through those issues.

Wait wait before you check out the video I did make a few changes here and there but you can check out the pictures below, where I have the recipes listed for ya. Make sure to go ahead and Pin those on Pinterest so that you dont lost them!

Overnight OatsOvernight Oats2












If you are using the Portion Fix system for nutrition, thanks to some new information 8oz of Almonds Milk is now considered a tsp now. So the exchanges are 1 yellow for the Oatmeal and then the teaspoons used for the syrup and if you use Almond Milk (is you use a different milk you will need to adjust your exchange).

If you are looking for more yummy healthy recipes like this feel free to check out the others I have posted along the way! If you are on your health and fitness journey and are looking for some motivation, support and accountability that is where I come in!! I do 1:1 coaching and I also do group coaching!! Fill out the application below and I will get back with you. We can chat about your goals, what things have worked for you, what things havent and together we can form a plan for getting you to right where you want to be!!


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