Living Room Bootcamp

I’d like to let you in on a little secret. Are used to be that girl who wanted to be skinny wanted to be fit but never really wanted it more that I was willing to do something about it.  I was willing to change what I eat but I was never willing to actually put in the work that would change my body. I tried going to the gym, I tried working out of the gym with my husband, I tried  those workouts for the week that you can find on Pinterest ( I still must have 1000 of those things saved ),  I even purchased other workout programs (  Zumba, the pink method, etc.).  With each new attempt came a new addition to a collection of things that didn’t work for me.

Then I got pregnant with my son with 13 pounds  to lose. On top of those 13 pounds I gained 46! So here I am unhealthy huge swollen miserable, and cold  because it was the winner and I’m stuck thinking what am I going to do? How in my going to fix this? What

The left is with Aiden and the right is Charleston, both 32 weeks!

did I do? What did I eat?

I did manage to lose all 60 pounds but at the end of the day I just looked hungry. I didn’t look fit, I didn’t look strong  and although my weight was down to the range it should’ve been I still didn’t look the way I wanted to.

In November 2014 I got pregnant with my daughter and 43 pounds later we had a beautiful bundle of joy!  Fortunately with her when I came home from the hospital  I only had 20 or 30 pounds to get rid of.  But, life was drastically different from me at this point.  Adding Charlston into our lives made our family complete but adding a newborn into your household has a way of secluding you from the outside world. That first six months you’re worrying about  feeding schedules and sleeping don’t get sick and all these other things that keep me home and not actively participating in the real world.

This is where my life changed. I realized I had an amazincharlie1y3.jpgg family I couldn’t ask for
anything more I have an amazing husband I could not ask for anything more the only area of my life that I sought to make changes and is in the area of community. I needed somewhere that I could go and have friends and have support and have motivation  and be able to create relationships with people that mean something and be able to do that from home. To feel like I participated in the real world without having to leave my family.

What I joined my first challenge group, though it was out of desperation. It was from a position of feeling defeated in the way I felt in the way I looked and getting to a place where  although I didn’t find the value in myself to spend money directly on something that only benefited me ( in my mind)  I feel like I had to do something! I had to give something a try because what I was doing currently wasn’t working and I wasn’t willing to keep repeating the same actions that weren’t working anymore.

This March I celebrated a year of working on me. Not looking for a quick fix not looking for a quick way to get to Rockin six pack not  doing  anything else but living by the principle of you must fill your cup first because you cannot pour from an empty cup! There is nothing to pour out into your family if your cup is not full.

This is the theory, inspiration and the motivation that I have with hosting this living room Boot Camp. 17098647_1632442373435989_5624992846081257276_nIt is so much more. This is a place for you to get community for you to get support for you to get motivation for you to make new friends for you to feel like you have somewhere  to go when things are just not working and you don’t know what to do. This is a place for you to get healthy this is a place for you to get fit not just physically but mentally as well! you have no idea what you are capable of! And if you have never pushed yourself if you have never encourage yourself if you were never giving yourself a chance to prove exactly what you can do then you will never look outside the box that you are currently in.

This is what we’re going to do we’re going to do:

✔️spend four weeks we are going to focus on creating a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. This is not a lifestyle where you don’t eat cookies or you don’t eat pizza or you don’t have ice cream ever again. This is a lifestyle that you were going to create that makes it OK for you to go out and eat with your family it makes it OK for you to go to a New Year’s eve party it makes all of those things OK because you have a plan and you have a system to fall back on.

✔️We are going to discuss what clean eating is,  recipes for it, meal planning for it, meal prepping for it. Invite we are going to spend an entire week so that you are masters of this. So that when we incorporate working out as well you do not have to master two things at once because you will already have your nutrition switch flipped.

✔️ We’re going to work out. we’re going to pick up program that is specifically tailored to your goals, your lifestyle your capabilities and just how far you want to push yourself.

✔️we’re going to  do a really quick five second check in each day to share our victories and even our losses.  Not only are we showing up for ourselves but we are showing up for the other ladies in the group as well your victories are inspiring and your losses Will be supportive to those of us who are going through the same thing.

I am going to provide you with:

🙌🏻 A full week specifically dedicated to meal planning meal prep! food is a passion of mine and I love to come up with different ways that put healthy food on the table as fast as possible! And I’m gonna share all of that with you

🙌🏻 A customizable meal plan andSamples of weekly meal plans

🙌🏻  Healthy meals recipes and snack ideas that are quick, filling in portable!

🙌🏻  Tips for combating the things that life throws at us!

🙌🏻  Daily motivation! So that each day you wake up the first thing you will be able to see when you check in our group is encouraging words about how wonderful you are doing, the amazing things that you are capable of  and how you are already a rockstar you just need to prove it to yourself.

The great thing about this group is going to get an amazing place to plug into you were going to get amazing results if you do so and it’s all from the comfort of your own living room you never have to leave you don’t have to schedule time in to go to the gym you don’t have to schedule a babysitter to come in so you can go or rearrange your schedule for a  class at the gym.  You can take 30 minutes when ever that is convenient for you you can throw on your Nikes or whatever you wear and you can get it done!

As you read this know I’m excited for you I’m excited for the journey that you’re about to go on I’m excited that you have chosen me to walk alongside of you as you do it. As you uncover this hidden greatness inside of you!  Below is the application to my challenge group it  Will provide me with some really quick information so that we can get our conversation started, we can get you set up to be a part of this living room Boot Camp. I have come so far in a year and I can’t wait to be in conversation with you next March and you be able to share all of the amazing things  that have happened in your life, since you realized The importance of filling your top so that you can have so much more to pour out on those around you!



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