March Photo Challenge


Isn’t balance one of the hardest things to find in life? We have a ton of things we want to do but the plain fact of the matter is is that will never do any of them if we can’t figure out how to do these new things and incorporate them in the things that we have to do every day.

For example here are a few  New things that I want to do.

1)  begin teaching a group fitness class

2)  have a regular date night with my husband at least once a month

3)  manage to get through a whole month without having a Mount Everest size amount of laundry staring at me

4)  Meet with a friend at least twice a month for coffee and girl talk

Headbands that were the 5 Day Chug Challenges give aways

Balance. The key to all of this is balance.  Recently I have been trying to come up with ways to not only find a plan for helping myself through current goals and things I’d like to work on but I also been finding a way to help others do the same thing. Last month I ran a five day chug challenge where we focused on getting in the recommended daily amount of water.  We had a total of  about 20 people participating in this group and we had a blast! Having a group of women all connect over the same goal even if it is a simple as as water is such a fun thing.

During the group we post that silly pictures of us drink enough water we talked  about tips for how to get in all that water. And this group will be very similar to that and someways but this group is going to focus on life as a whole.  It’s going to be about finding motivation, sharing recipes were cooking, maybe some short little workouts and one portly it’s going to be about a community of support. Support and your victories support in your defeats. It will be a place to have fun, a place to get healthy, a place to win a few prizes and a place  to make and grow friendships with a group of amazing women !!

If you are someone who does not have a Beachbody coach that they are actively working with or are looking to connect into a fitness community follow the link HERE and join the group! Feel free to send me a friends request if we are not friends and message me just to say hi and let me know how you found the group.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Ashley Barnes


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