Free 5 Day Chug Challenge


Last week I posted a blog about 3 Quick Start Fit Tips. In this post I shared 3 QUICK, EASY, NO PLANNING ways to get started with your health and fitness journey TODAY (or depending on when you were reading it tomorrow, lol). These are tips that I use everyday to keep me on track to reaching my goals.

One of the simplest but maybe most challenging to complete is getting in more WATER!! This one simple tip can help you lose weight, flush your body of toxins, and make your body lets just say more…regular. You will also feel fuller longer and see an increase in your energy.

57e08-5Now the question is how much water should you be drinking each day. The answer: Half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150 lbs your minimum water goal for the day is 75 ounces.

Each of us have a different goal and whether you are trying to get in 50, 75, or 100 oz a day THAT IS A LOT OF WATER!! Figuring out how to get all that water in can be a little tough, especially if you are not used to drink any water like I was when I got started. In fact normally Im not a huge drinker through out the day and if hadnt been for being pregnant with both of my kids and being scare to death of leg cramps then I still wouldn’t be.

We wont take that route with yall lol! So dont worry! Instead we are going to spend 5 days focusing on the what, why and how of water consumption. Each of us will set a water goal for each day. Which means if you are already a water drinker and are looking to get in a little more, or if you are already drinking your goal but are looking for some accountability, or if you are just starting out with the goal to get in your water, THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU!!

We will be meeting in a closed Facebook group so that you are free to chug away with out a public audience LOL!

What is a Chug Challenge with out PRIZES right???

I have Hippie Runner Headbands and Personalized Water bottles that I will be raffling off!!! Each day there will be AT LEAST 1 prize to win a day! CAN WE SAY YAY!!!!!

Last thing I want to mention this group is for any of my customers OR any one who is in search of a coach to connect with OR anyone who is not actively working with a coach.

If this is you follow the link below and select “GOING” and I will get you added and LETS GET CHUGGING!! If we are not friends on Facebook watch out for my request or feel free to send me one this is so that I can get you added to the group and check in with you and get your info for the prizes! HERE is a link to my personal page.

Here is the Group Link for 5 Day Chug Challenge follow is and click JOIN and I will get you added!

I am so pumped about this group and cannot wait to get started!!!!









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