3 Quick Start Fit Tips

16195271_1583308995015994_6927700868906155371_nGetting started on the journey of getting fit is the absolute hardest step. More so than deciding to. You can decide to all day long, all week long, even all weekend long BUT if you dont have a plan its nearly impossible!

The good thing is that having a plan doesnt have to be some grand thing. There is no rules that says you have to start everything at once or master balancing nutrition and working out and meal planning all at once. You can, it is very possible BUT if that doesnt work for you then taking it is small steps is the best way. Implementing small changes is a great way to make sure that you are able to keep up with these new changes in your daily routine.




My first Quick Start Tip for you is increasing your WATER intake. If you are wondering how much water you should be getting in today, you should be getting in half of your body weight in ounces a day in water. If you are interested in some other benefits of water and some great tips that I use to increase my daily amount of water click HERE. You will really be amazing at the difference that getting extra water in each day will do for you and your health.



Tip 2: Snacks. Instead of focusing on your big meals throughout the day, think about some healthy snacks that you can bridge your day with. If you exchange your high calorie, nutritionally void snacks with some healthy, filling, nutritionally dense, low calorie snacks it would completly change your day. If you exchange three healthy 100 to 150 calorie snack into your day for snacks that are 300 calories you right away are cutting out 450 calorie right out of your day not to mention putting things into your body that it will thank you for and it will be able to use as fuel!! Below I share some great ideas for health snacks.


Typically what I do is pair a purple and a green. For example peanut butter and an apple or strawberries and string cheese. The pink are things I eat solo or together typically. Click HERE for my Banana Bread recipe and HERE for my Peanut Butter Cup recipe (which im obsessed with right now) and HERE for a favorite shake recipe of mine.




Last but not least tip 3….. DANCE PARTY!!! but for real! When you get ready to clean, cook or fold those 17 loads of laundry you accidently let get piled up, instead of putting on a tv show or the news (which is sure to kill or good mood in some way) put on some music. Whatever you like that will get you moving, dancing and into a work rhythm that will not only will you move more but you will burn more calories, your stress level will decrease and you will get more done!!

There is something about dancing it out that really is great therapy. We love a good dance party when my kids moods are, let’s just say, lacking. It might take a few songs but by the end we are all dancing around the house acting crazy, trying out some new moves (lol). We have so much fun.

I hope that these 3 tips will help you get started or kick up your journey of getting healthy up a notch. If you have any questions or if you are looking for more tips to help you along the way, fill out the application below! My goal is to help you figure out what works for YOU so that you can be the healthiest YOU possible!


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