Core De Force, Round 2

I want to start by saying that I hope that you had a WONDERFUL holiday season with your family. I truly hope that you were able to spend time with those that you love and make some great memories. Oh and cookies! I hope there were cookies!

After my first round of Core De Force I decided to take a little break from a structured schedule. My two favorite Beachbody programs are Piyo and Core De Force so I just spent some time getting a chance to do the workouts I had been missing and have some extra fun changing up my routine.

Due to the cookies that I enjoyed over the holiday season, I have to admit, I might have added back a few pounds. Only a few promist less than 5 but still, I worked hard for those to get gone and for the muscle tone and core definition so I don’t plan on spending ONE more second compromising my hard work!! Not only do I have the Beachbody Health Bet starting tomorrow but today 21 Days of Prayer started at my church and instead of fasting in a traditional sense, Im going to fast from chocolate, candy and gum. There are a few recipes that I make that include a few chocolate chips, Im going to still enjoy them to keep myself sane.

I have a ton of 15895411_1568772863136274_9010707128856232779_nnew recipes coming your way!! Things from peanut butter cups to chili to
sloppy joes. Yum Yum Yum and more Yum! PLUS all kid friendly which means not having to worry about your family not approving of your healthy meals! I cant wait to share them with you and give you a chance to start enjoying some of these.

This time around Im going to be completing the Deluxe Calendar. There are some new workouts exclusively released on Beachbody On Demand and thanks to the All Access Pass Beachbody just released at the end of December, I can access those and EVERY SINGLE Beachbody has to offer! PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE. Which means that whatever new workouts that get released in 2017 I will have access too! AND I can stream them anywhere without having to cart all kinds of dvds anywhere. Whether Im on vacation or having to hide in a different room of my house, LOL, from my kids I have whatever workout that I want to do.

SOOOO Im all prepped and ready to go! Here is my plan for next week.

My workouts and my meal plan are all good to go. Most of my lunches are leftovers from dinner and then a side salad. I might make a few changes during the week but it just depends on of i get a chance to do some baking that I have been wanted to do!


I know that Im going to make some more banana bread  and some pancakes this week for

sure but it will depend on the willingness of my kiddos what else I get done.





Here are my goals for these 30 days:

  1. stay consistant with my nutrition!!!!
  2. keep up with the laundry so no laundry fest, ugh
  3. get 10,000 at least 5 days a week
  4. sneak more veggies into my kiddos meals
  5. strive to improve something each workout
  6. work on defining the area of my core below my belly button


If you are looking for more great recipes or extra support and motivation on your health and fitness journey fill out the application below!

I look forward to hearing from you!



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