New Year New You & The Beachbody Health Bet


Do you make New Years Revolutions?

It seems to be something that people either love or hate. There is definitely something to be said for constantly working on you and not waiting or putting it off to get started. I know when I think about the things that I would like to stop, change or implement into my life there are things I must start RIGHT NOW! But there are also things that I need that added excitement to get going.

So really quickly I would like to share with you some of my New Years ResolutionsImage result for new year's resolutions

  1. Set aside time for prayer and reading Gods Word DAILY.
  2. Read, at least, 1 personal development book a month.
  3. Help 3 people start their health and fitness journey each month.
  4. Create a clean schedule that is doable that includes a plan for laundry (no more Mount St Laundry!!!!)
  5. One date night a month with the Hubs
  6. Become Live Certified to teach Piyo or Core De Force
  7. Stay consistant with my nutrition (not easy)

Do any of these sound familiar? Any of these same type things on your list?

The way that we start out the year really does set the tone for the entire year! WHAT IS THE TONE THAT YOU WANT TO SET FOR 2017? Did you have goals left hanging in 2016? What are you going to do not not leave 2017 that way?

It was March of this year before I started my health and fitness journey. Truly, I only started it because i didn’t know what else to do! I did like the way I looked, I didn’t like the way i felt and I was searching for a community to connect into.  I had just had our daughter in August and I was looking for something to connect into that would be for me. Something that would be an outlet, a hobby a project, something to focus my attention on something other than housework and sleep schedules and poop-explosions (you know all of the crappy parts of mommyhood, ha no pun intended). So i made that project me. Pouring into me. The great thing is that the time I spent on me each day WASN’T a lot of time. I worked out less than 35 minutes and then after the kids were asleep I worked on my meal plan! So virtually NO TIME was taken from them. I also realized that the little time that I did devote to me in their waking hours did 2 things. 1) It made me feel better, which meant that time was a good exchange. I felt calmer, relaxed and ready to take on the day after recharging my batteries. 2) It made my son more aware. Even at 3 (at the time) he had no concept that my job wasnt to grant his every wish upon demand LOL! Some of that is age, some of it is me (haha) and some of it is me teaching him how to treat me. Now he doesnt feel slighted but when I tell him I will help him as soon as I am done, (most of the time, because lets be really 100% participation from a 3 year old is IMPOSSIBLE) he understands that I will help him but what I am doing is important too. This is not only with my workout but with cooking, cleaning, helping with his sister. Our kids are watching us and our job is to teach them how to life and that requires taking care of our health and being a touch independant.

I found all of this in my first challenge group. I found the motivation necessary to keep going even when I didnt want to. I found the tips for combatting the things life throws our way. I got amazing recipes to try out and I found a community of women JUST LIKE ME! Busy moms just trying to make it work! Trying to be the best us’s so that we could be better MOMS, WIVES, DAUGHTERS and FRIENDS. Were we perfect NO WAY! In fact we spent a whole day talking about pizza and Im pretty sure we all had it that night HAHAH! But it was somewhere safe we could go to discuss our victories, big or small, our hang ups, again big or small, and work through them TOGETHER!
Image result for fitness wallpaper
This is what I strive to provide in the Challenge Groups that I run now. I want to create a positive environment for women to go to reach their goals. Somewhere we can go to work through this adventure and find what works for us and how to implement it so that getting and staying healthy IS POSSIBLE FOR EACH OF US!

Beginning January 2nd I will be hosting MY FIRST New Year New You Accountability group! We will be talking all things meal planning, meal prep, I will share with you all of the tips that I have helped me stay on track and even some things that didn’t lol! I have a ton of recipes that I will share with you and customizable meal planners you can use to week your week organized and focused.
15439746_242439436184929_7275170948173025178_nWho is this group for??

Any of my customers OR anyone who is not actively working with another coach! If I am not currently your coach and you would like me to be click HERE and follow the link to create your FREE Team Beachbody Account!!

Where will me meet?

This group will meet in a closed group that you will access from a FREE app that you can download from a link that I will send you!

What do you need to do? 

Fill out the application at the bottom of this post. This will give me a little more information about you and how exactly I can help you. I will take the info you provide and then with your help match you with a Beachbody Challenge pack that fits best with your goals and lifestyle!

This Challenge pack will come with:

*a complete Beachbody program

*a full Workout Calendar telling you exactly workouts to do each day

*a Nutrition Guide that is specifically designed to pair with your workout

*30 days of Shakeology which is your daily dose of dense superfood nutrition.

*access to this group and to the 1:1 coaching avaliable with Me as your coach


What is the Beacbody Body Health Bet you ask? 

Good question!!

The Beachbody Health Bet is an opportunity that Beachbody is giving YOU to EARN MONEY to get healthy! FREE money! The best part about it is that it is NOT based on results it is based on you working on you. Your participation, your effort, you taking your journey.


Starting January 9th through Febuary 5th


Through the Free app I mentioned above.

How do you qualify?

Each week for 4 weeks you must log a minimum of 5 daily Shakeology uses and 3 workouts. So with your phone you will snap a quick pic of you making, consuming or displaying your Shakeology for the day and upload it into the app, along with your workout. If you do this each week for 4 weeks you get your $$

What is the pot totalling and what is your cut?

Beachbody is putting in the first 2 MILLION dollars and then they will add 5$ for every challenge pack sold in the month of December up to 1 MILLION dollars! There is no way to know before hand what your cut would be because we dont know how many packs will get sold and we dont know how many people will follow through and get to the end. Well…we do know of at least 2 people…. ME AND YOU!!!

Image result for this is your yearLastly I wanted to share with you my 2016 before and after. There is a lot you cant see in this pic. You cant see the frustration on my face before. You cant see the uncomfortable feeling I had in my skin. You cant see the lack of peace, joy and purpose that I had. In the after, you cant see my face there either but there are still days of frustration and days of exhaustion the difference is now I have purpose, now I have a plan, now I have a skill set that not only helps me but has helped others and CAN HELP YOU. That is what Im here for to help you, in any way I can.

Image result for this is your year

If you are reading this and would like to speak with me shoot me a quick email with your
phone number and a little bit of info on you to and I will get in touch with you and we can get you on track to reaching your goals.

Here is the application for the New Year New You Challenge Group! I can wait to meet you speak with you and get started on our journey together.




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