30 Day Core De Force Review, round 1

30 Day Core De Force REVIEW!!15350710_1520944774585750_6019488619211471160_n

Wednesday I finished my first round of Core De Force! I absolutely LOVED this program and I LOVED the results that I got.

If you are reading this and you are thinking What is Core De Force. Check out a post where I outline all the details (click here)! If you think yeah 30 days is great but what about the other weeks, I gotcha there too Week 1 Review Week 2 Review Week 3 Review.

Ok straight to the point, lets talk pros and cons of this program


  • You are learning something new

  • These new moves work new muscles.

  • Its low impact but high intensity

  • You address “trouble” spots and work your core CONSTANTLY!


  • Workouts are lengthy

  • I experienced knee and leg pain (supplement with performance line)

  • No rest day (active rest day)

One of the things that I looked forward to the most with this program is that I had never done any MMA or kickboxing ANYTHING! I really was interested in trying it out and learning something new. I LOVED that I didnt need any experience to be able to push play and get started. Each workout, where necessary, began with a quick LEARN IT AND WORK IT video which detailed all the new moves that we would be doing that day. They teach you a technique or talking yourself through the combinations so that if you are like me and LEFT HANDED you are able to follow along and learn, to spite the fact that Joel and Jericho’s dominate stance is different.

One change in my body that you cant see in my pictures in the tops of my legs, high up on my thigh. They have a tone and definition that I have never really had. All of the leaning back and kicks and knees that you are throwing really chance and sculpt your body in a way that you have maybe not gotten  a chance to. I really enjoyed the HIGH INTENSITY workout that I got WITHOUT it being HIGH IMPACT! New moves means NOW MUSCLES. Ladies there is nothing better than being able to FEEL that you are working a new area. You are sore without being wrecked for the next day.

When I did the first two Core De Force previews my legs were so sore! I wasnt sure if it was me, my nutrition or a lack of water but I tried almost everything that I knew to do. When I officially started the program I decided to get some supplements from the Beachbody Performance Line. I got just the basic package which comes with Energize and Recover. Beachbody Energize is a pre workout supplement what give you an extra umph of energy to push a little harder in your workout. Recover is a post workout supplement that helps to rebuild muscle and allow your body the chance to almost grow from each workout. I wasnt sure how this was going to go. I had never used these products before and this was really a last ditch effort. I can honestly say I would not have been able to complete this program if it had not been for these supplements. No joke, I was limping because my calves were hurting me so bad and Recover, with in 3 days, had completly taken the soreness out of my legs. After 2 weeks my legs were stronger and I didnt have the soreness I did in the beginning.

Three things about the performance line: 1) you mix it with water 2) you dont have to blend it you can shake it in a shaker and it taste just like Lemonade (energize) or Chocolate Milk (Recover) 3) YOU DONT ADD the calories from these supplements into your daily meal plan. They are timed calories that you are taking in for a specific purpose so that do not count.

One thing that I wish was a little different was the length of the workouts. The workouts range from 27 to 47 minutes and then there is the occasional core workout added on which is either 5 minutes or 16 minutes. Your longest day will be 47 minutes and then a 16 minute core workout so 63 minutes. One thing that I did to break up the long days is do the workout and then on the Active Rest days I would make up the core workout then.

Second thing is there is not technically a rest day BUT the 7th day is an Active Recovery day which is about 21 minutes. This really give you a chance to slow down work on mastering technique and then stretching out the muscles you have been working all week. So what ends up being something that starts out a pain really ends up help a whole lot get your prepared for the week. Still some days we wish we could do nothing, lol!

Check out my results:


First the outfit, which I though was a good idea was not. I thought that the shorts would highlight the places I wanted to work on and all it really did was make it difficult to make sure that they were in the same place on my stomach each week. I lost a total of 2.8LBS and 2 inches in my abdomen and 1 in my waits.

Below is a better picture of what my abs look like in a different pair of pants.










Im going to take a short break, 3 weeks to be exact, and spend the rest of this holiday season with some Yoga! Beachbody has a 3 Week Yoga Retreat on Beachbody On Demand and I think that slowing down and doing some relaxing, stretching workouts will help me get through the end of the year with a little less stress. If you are interested in doing this 3 week yoga retreat with me IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!! All you need is Beachbody On Demand and you can jump right in. Not only will you get access to the Yoga Retreat but you will also get access to a ton of other workouts and resources.


Fill out the contact form below and I will get you a link to get your FREE 30 Day Trial to BOD.




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