Core De Force Week 3 REVIEW

Week 3 was NO JOKE! ( SCROLL BELOW FOR THE FULL VIDEO REVIEW WITH PICS) I finally got a chance to recover from our vacation and the kiddos weren’t feeling well over Thanksgiving, so it cut some of our festivities a little short. No big desserts BUT there was some AMAZING Sweet Potato Souffle at Thanksgiving dinner at the Firehouse when we went to eat with my hubby! The kids were so excited and I’m so glad we got a chance to go.

15241305_1499586360054925_4720196352469117768_nHere are a few pics of my mommy adventures of the week. Aiden helps train me. “mommy jump higher mommy, keep going mommy” then he repeated everything he heard Joel say during the video. It was slightly chaotic at first but with a little bit of creativity we figured out a method for us both surviving my jumps and my hops. At first we were bouncing into each other.


Sunday for Active Recovery, a 21 minute workout focused on slowing down perfecting15181291_1503117153035179_4363698512564893522_n technique and really stretching and lengthening those muscles we have used ALL WEEK, I was able to sneak my workout in while my babies napped. This doesnt always happen but at 21 minutes it’s easy to fit in. By the time I was all stretched out and cooling down my girl was stirring and I was able to hold her until her nap was out.

Being able to workout from home means I can actually workout out. I barely have time to take a shower some days and being able to SAVE myself TIME, ENERGY and MONEY on a gym membership that I would never use is perfect. It is perfect that exactly at the moment that my life allows for me to get my workout in I CAN JUST PRESS PLAY. If the is in the morning, during naptime or even after one (or both) of my kiddos is asleep I WORKOUT ON MY OWN SCHEDULE.

My concern was the I wouldn’t be able to be accountable working out at home but thanks to my challenge groups and my team I have all of the SUPPORT, TIPS and MOTIVATION that a girl needs to stay on track! If I have a great day then my girls are there cheering me on. If i have a rough day my girls are there building be back up and checking in on me. IT IS AN AMAZING COMMUNITY THAT I AM SO PROUD TO BE A PART OF!!

Here is a quick video of some extra things about this past week!

If you are interested in taking this AT HOME FITNESS JOURNEY too fill out the application below and I will get you set up with everything you will need. Even if Core De Force isnt quite your style, I would love to help you pick out the perfect program for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

Ashley Barnes (





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