Core De Force Week 2 Review

15193629_1495082877171940_5491934736870879109_nWeek 2 of Core De Force is complete which means I have 2 weeks left to go in my first round! We definitely stepped it up a notch this week and week 1 prepared me well. I can feel my body getting stronger, my coordination and my balance improving and my technique, although nowhere near perfect, getting so much better! (For more information on Core De Force click HERE)

Last week I struggled off and on with switching my feet and really working on changing weight in my feet so that my working leg was avaliable. When I needed to kick with my right leg, for example, and my weight was distributed to that leg I couldn’t lift it off the ground. Also since I’m a lefty I really worked on listening to the cues when Joel or Jericho say “back leg” or “front leg” instead of thinking right or left. To check out my full Week 1 Review with pics click HERE.

One of the things that we add in twice in week 2 is a quick 16 or so minute workout called Core Kinetics. This program and I are frenemies. I love it because I know its working, you cannot do this workout and not feel it working but IT SUCKS! LOL! In a good way of course!! It is 2 rounds of 7 moves done for 1 minute each with a 60 second plank challenge at the end. Thankfully there is a modifier for each move this totally comes in handy in that second round for me so that I do not have to sacrifice my form or my safety and I can still get those reps in.

Each week on the 7th day we do an Active Recovery. It’s a 21 minute workout where for the first half we slow  down and focus on perfecting technique for the punches, jabs, and kicks we throw throughout the week. Then we stretch out all of those muscles we have been using!! I have to admit the thought of a 7th day workout was not my idea of fun but when I did it for the first time last week, I got it. I totally understand why they put this into the program and I is genius. First is give you an opportunity to improve on the form you are racing to get throughout the week. Switching feet and stance and jabs and hooks can all run together so having one day to dedicate to stopping, slowing down and working on muscle memory and proper alignment is just what I needed. Then the stretching… how many of us would skip that completly if we could. We avoid something that feels so good when we are loose after the fact because it can be a little uncomfortable when we get started. This last 10 or so minutes are used to guide us into relaxing and lengthening and loosening up the specific muscles we have used throughout the week. They aren’t random stretches and moves they are efficient, targeted stretches to relieve tension exactly where we need it.

My husband and I left Thursday to go to Gatlinburg for the weekend. I made sure to get in as much water as a I could and although my nutrition wasn’t amazing it wasn’t a total loss either. There was BBQ Pizza there was Hush puppies, there were Pralines but I really focused on the portions of the foods I was having. Making sure to not over do it for the other meals and keeping an eye on the amounts of the not so great foods that I was having. We had a wonderful time shopping, getting some much needed clothes for the both of us. Since I haven’t been the same weight for the Fall/Winter time of year in over 5 years I needed some stuff bad. I was nice to see the benefits of standing in the dressing room and being comfortable with what I saw. I wasn’t in the sizes I would like to be in, but all stores are different so a particular size isn’t a definite. For all the hard work that I have put in I was able to allow myself a little slack and say so what I wasn’t a small or a medium in that, I am STRONG I am HEALTHY I am HAPPY. I didnt leave sad, depressed, or bummed because my favorite things didnt look right. Instead, I left EMPOWERED, PROUD and broke LOL!!

Can I be honest this did not come easy. There were many times over the last 5 years when I went into dressing room and then the first 2 things looked like crap I just stopped and left. There were times that I felt like I  would never look in the mirror and be proud. There were even times that I was smaller and still wasn’t comfortable with me. This is where I was In March when I started this journey. I was the exact opposite of the feeling from this weekend. I felt defeated, guilty that I wanted to look different when people told be I looked good. I was worried that I would go through the rest of my life not knowing what I was capable of and if I could like I wanted to. If I would ever put on a bathing suit not feel so self conscious.

Getting started is the only way that we can achieve our goals. So often with out health and fitness goals we start out of desperation, depression and defeat. We go into it with a sense of negativity and almost begrudging the time, effort and money that we feel like we have put ourselves in the position to spend. The truth is getting started, making this decision is one of the most positive decisions I have ever made. We shouldn’t feel guilty for focusing on ourselves, instead we should be proud and with our chests held high know that we are doing exactly what we are supposed to, we are taking care of the Temple that God has given us. As women, wives and mothers we have people who count on us, who depend on us to take care of them. The only way that we can do that is to be as healthy as we possible can. Its not about having a six pack or killer quads but its about the confidence, happiness, and mental clarity that we gain through feeding ourselves properly and strengthening our body.

One of my favorite books is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. It is a personal development good that encourages consistency. What exactly am I talking about and why do I “love” it so much? Check out the quote below.

“The Compound Effect is the principle of reaping huge reward from A series of small, smart choices. What’s most interesting about this process is that even though the results are massive, the steps, in the moment, don’t feel significant.” – Darren Hardy

I love this! What a wonderful reminder of staying the course and learning along the way. It doesn’t matter what area of life we are seeking to make changes in, it’s the small seemingly insignificant steps we take, the one load of laundry a day, the one junk drawer cleaned out a week, the 50 dollars saved here and there, the one or two good snacks we choose, the 20 minute walk we sneak in… all those things add up to big results big changes and big rewards!

What’s one area of your life you would like to make some changes in and what is one baby step that over time with consistency would help you reach that goal?


One of the ways that I can help you is by inviting you into this process just like my coach did. In March she invited my to a Challenge Group  and that I what I want to do for you today. Join me in a 4 week accountability group where we will TOGETHER get health and fit. We will discuss tips and tricks and I will provide you with daily motivation to stay on track. I also have a seemingly ENDLESS supply of recipes since I absolutely LOVE TO COOK. If you would like more information on my monthly accountability groups fill out the application below and I will get you ready to go!!


Starting November 28th I have a Holiday Survival Group that I am hosting with another coaching friend because I need all the help I can get this time of year!! We will be swapping Holiday Recipes and talking tips for indulging here and there but not letting it overwhelm you and knocking you off track.



15134802_1490093717670856_3513104755251097209_nIn fact if you are looking for some tips to get you started check out a post I did on some things that I am going to be implementing this Holiday Season for surviving while staying focused and on track (click HERE)


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