Thanksgiving Survival Tips

In less than 2 short weeks Thanksgiving will get upon us! Minus the cooler weather (which is subjective considering I live in Georgia, lol) this is my favorite time of the year! From Halloween to New Years is the most fun for our family. There are trips to Steeds Dairy, Fall Festivals, the County Fair, and then there is the FOOD! Kettle corn, funnel cake, mac and cheese, cream corn!!

Recently we have begun making our holiday plans. There are years that my Russell and I host the Thanksgiving Dinner and we have our parents and our sisters and close friends join us. Then sometimes we take a low key approach and we go to their houses to eat. Depending on the kids and our schedules and other things going on, this is sometimes a whole lot easier. This year is a low key year and one of the main reasons is I really dont want all that food at my house! I love it and I love to eat but packing it up, storing it, getting rid of it, staring at all the stuff I should eat is exhausting so NO NOT THIS YEAR.

While making your plans for the Holidays I have some tips to help you stay on track and recover from a day of good eatin! These tips will not only help you through Thanksgiving but also any holiday meals that we will have through the rest of the year.


Holiday Survival Tips

  1. Get moving!

    Now is not the time to get still. Now is the time to get your booty up and going! At least 3o minutes a day. This time of year is a great time to put our body in motion. Walking, running, light cardio. ANYTHING just SOMETHING!!! If you have no idea where to get started send me an email at and I will send you a link to your FREE 30 Day Trial to be able to stream tons of great workouts.

  2.  Don’t overcook! or make plans to go to someone else’s house for dinner.

    It will be a lot easier to not have a 2 or 3 day eat fest IF there are minimal leftovers or if there are none at all! So do yourself a favor and really think about the number of people that are coming to your dinner and what are the essentials or the must have. Stick with those and then you will getting in just your favorites and not those other things we eat out of habit.

  3.  Have a healthy, filling breakfast.

    In fact don’t just have a healthy breakfast, pick the meal you are going to replace with your Thanksgiving Dinner and then make the rest of the day healthy. Start out with your Shakeology or a healthy shake. A veggie omelet would be a nice choice as well! If you are eating early then save a nice small salad for later and only eat if you are hungry.

  4. Mind your portions.Image result for how to fill your plate with proper portions

    Try not to go wild when the dinner begins. Try picking your favorites and then keeping in mind the amount of your plate they are taking up. Here is a good guide
    for dividing up your plate. Now I know that this is the meal of the year in some instances but just think about more veggies! For a quick reference of proper portion size in practical terms check out this next picture. It puts how much of each type of food we should get in a way that we are super familiar with!! YOUR HANDS. Image result for how to fill your plate with proper portions

  5. RELAX!

    Enjoy your day! It’s only one day out of the year you will survive and so will your waistband.

  6. Come Friday GET BACK TO IT!

    The best way to recover from having a free day is to get right back at it! Make a plan for what you are going to eat for the first 3 days after Thanksgiving and stick to it! If you are looking to get back on the wagon I am hosting a Holiday Survival Group!


    I am so excited to announce that starting right after Thanksgiving I am teaming up with friend of mine, Laura, to help keep me accountable, stay focused and on track this year! 🙌🏻

    Together she and I will be swapping recipes, party tips and motivating each other to just stay focused! We are inviting ANYONE to join us the more the merrier 😊

    There will still be cookies and pie and mac and cheese! Especially in our house the only difference is we will be prepared for it and will have a plan in place for moving on 👊🏻 

    There will even be a 3 Day Refresh or cleanse where we will dump the Thanksgiving pounds and bloat right away so that we can start getting results ASAP! Imagine being 10 or 15 pounds into your goal when you get to New Years!!! Scroll to the bottom for my Pre-Black Friday Sale!



FOR THE WEEK OF MONDAY THE 21st through the 25th I will be having a PRE-BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!!! This is how it will work.

If you purchase a Challenge Pack and join the Holiday survival Group then I will SEND YOU A 25$ GIFT CARD. Easy Peasey! It is my little holiday gift to you! It is a congratulatory  gift from me to you for putting the time, energy, and effort into yourself.  If you read this and you want to get in on this deal then, fill out the above application and in the bottom section mention that you read this blog. I am so excited to get started and the more we have in this group the easier it will be for all of us to stay on track through this next season.





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