Core De Force Week 1 Review

14963271_1478914985455396_6024725671355749309_nSunday I finished up week 1 of Beachbody’s newest program Core De Force. This 30 day, MMA inspired program is something that I have been looking forward to since July when word of its release was announced. It went LIVE the first part of November and I made sure to grab it up ASAP!

I was able to do 2 sneak peeks this past October and not only was a super sore for days after but I could tell that this program was helping me work muscles that I otherwise have not had moves to tone. I was hopeful that this program would be at least a close second for me to PiYo!

 If you have been following me for any length of time then you know that PiYo was my very first program that I completed with Beachbody. Between the results I got with it and the amazing experience I had with my very first challenge group I knew that I had to become a coach (Why I became a coach) and share this with as many people as possible! Whatever your circumstances WE you and I can find what works best for you! I am dedicated to helping you not only reach your physical goals but help you to find the mental clarity and confidence that comes from putting time, energy and effort into yourself. It’s not a process that requires perfection, it only requires for you to KNOW and ACCEPT that you are WORTH IT!! 

I officially started Core De Force last Monday. I made out my meal plan ( click HERE and check out my getting started post) and my schedule for the week and I got to work! I am SUPER HAPPY to report I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!! I love the moves, they are challenging, different from anything that I have ever done and they work. I am left drenched in sweat and feeling the burn. LOL. I love that it challenges my balance, my coordination and my mind as we switch from dominant to non-dominant stance. It leaves me feeling EMPOWERED, like I can TAKE ON THE WORLD! Not only am I getting a GREAT WORKOUT but im LEARNING something new. Turns out that learning is actually FUN without hours of homework! haha!

Check this quick video out out where I explain the things I love MOST about CDF and what I think you will love too. I also share my results from week 1.

With the Holiday Season Coming up Im already getting the details together for my Holiday Survival Group. I will be hosting this group with another coach. Why you ask. Because she and I work together to hold each other accountable and to be honest I can use all the help I can get this time of year!!!! This is generally a tough time of year for me because I love to cook and bake and eat hahaha!

In this group we will be focusing on keeping our feet moving. NOT PERFECTION! This is not a group for beating ourselves up about enjoying our family and a wonderful time of year rather its about setting ourselves up to be able to enjoy our time with out setting ourselves back 10 or 15 pounds.

** I will be posting more details about this group in the VERY NEAR future **

If you are interested in the extra support through the holiday season, fill out the application below and I will get back to you and we will work TOGETHER to survive the next month and a half!




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