14925813_1478915052122056_8936891311429411967_nMeasurements are taped pictures are taken and week 1 meal plan is complete!! Today I
start CORE DE FORCE!!!! I am so pumped to get going with this program.

This month Beachbody released its NEWEST program Core De Force, an MMA inspired program designed to transform our bodies. This 30 day program was created to not only give us amazing physical results but also strengthen us mentally as well. For more information check out my post Core De Force Beachbody’s NEWEST program and Core De Force IS LIVE!!!

Check out this short video where I unpack my Challenge Pack as you get a glimpse in there and see what all you will be getting!!!

The nutrition guide give you a couple different options for reaching your goals. This allows14991794_1478914912122070_3597316317883784176_n you to personalize this plan even more so that you are getting the most out of it and EXACTLY what you need! Once I calculated my caloric need through the simple equation given at the front of the guide, I found that my weight loss calorie range put me in Plan A and my maintenance range put me in Plan C. The meal plan below is created using all of the portions from Plan A

Click Here to check out my full week meal plan!!

One is the recipes that I used in my meal plan is from the CDF Meal Plan. The BBQ chicken pizza is in the lunch section of the guide and I really want to try this one out. I will be doing it on a wrap, though and not on a pita bread. I will share that later this week!!

Not sure when I will exactly be able to get my workout in, although I do have tentative times written in on my plan so that i can look each day and keep in mind when I need to be prepared. (update ** miracles happened and as you can see charleston took a nap and I already got my workout in!!!***)

From the 2 sneak peeks that I was able to do before this program released I KNOW it is going to be good. I am committed to the next 30 days and to making myself a priority and getting the results that I am looking for.

I have any question or you would like to join me in one of my monthly health and fitness accountability groups, fill out the application below!  I run them online and I would love to get a chance to work alongside of you as we reach our goals together!! I will share a ton more recipes, tips for staying on track and provide you with daily support to help you reach your goals!





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