Core De Force IS LIVE!!!

Beachbody’s Newest program is finally here! CORE DE FORCE IS LIVE!!!

Beachbody does an excellent way of providing a great variety of programs so that there is something avaliable for everyone. For the Dancers we have Cize which leaves you sweaty, spent, and with a sassy edge that you might not have had before you got started. Country Heat which will provide you the same thing just without long runs of choreography. Then there is Piyo which is for really lengthening and strengthening your body, tone it with your body weight and adding strength to your body by building your core. There is P90x and Insanity for the non Faint at heart lol! 21 Day Fix for this who like a variety and 22 Minute Hard Corps for those of us with no time.

Now there is Core De Force an amazing new program that will not only take you through an amazing physical transformation but a MENTAL one as well!! This was designed to be a full body transformation system to completly reshape and reform you from the ground up. When I get done with these workouts I feel like I can take on the world. I feel like Im learning something of value. What women couldn’t benefit from learning how to throw a mean punch? lol 🙂 For all the details on  Core De Force click HERE.

This MMA inspired program is designed for anyone to push play and get started. If you are knowledgeable in the MMA moves and terminology then you will have no problem following along. BUT guess what if you LIKE ME have never heard any of these terms, moves or phrases before then you TOO will have no problem following along because of “Learn it and Work it” which is a quick tutorial and move break down for what you will need to complete the workout. When the bell rings and your 3 minute round begins you are only competing with YOURSELF! There is no cadence there is no beat. This is you moving to your pace and you advancing as your skill and ability increase!!

I was able to preview MMA speed, one of the workouts in the program, last week. Each time I did it not only was I dripping in sweat and somehow exhausted and energized all at once but I felt like A BEAST. Like a SUPERWOMEN SUPERHERO. Not even joking. Each time I got faster, I got more proficient, I got stronger and I had new muscles sore that i haven’t been working out!



Here is a quick video where I share some other things I love about this program so far.


Tanya A. was ready to reclaim her life after a difficult divorce. She committed to Core De Force for five rounds and lost 32 lbs. and 34.5 inches in 150 days! “Core De Force will reshape your whole body– in less than an hour a day. If a 52-year-old, flabby, business-owning, single mom can do it, so can anybody.”




Sonya N. wanted to get stronger and stop feeling tired after simple activities like carrying groceries. She decided to take control with CORE DE FORCE and got totally toned. She lost 4.5 lbs and 9 inches in just 30 days! “Core De Force has returned me to my high school weight at nearly 40 years old! I feel like I look great in a bikini again.”


I ordered my Core De Force program TODAY and am so EXCITED about getting

14611072_1795860980693973_6152854692207596720_nstarted on Monday! I cannot imagine what amazing results that this program is going to help me achieve. BUT to he honest I would not be able to do this alone. My challenge group girls are the force that drives me even when I dont want too. When I see these amazing ladies checking in, pushing themselves and getting RESULTS it gets my booty MOVING! The support , motivation and accountability that these groups provide is the missing link between plan and success!!!!


Starting November 7th I will be hosting and Exclusive Core De Force Test group!!! We will
all be doin the same program, building each other up and ACHIEVING GOALS TOGETHER.

If you are interested and know that the extra added support would help you to achieve success in your goals then fill out the application below and i will get you set up for success.









I cant wait to hear from you! I work with you as we get fit TOGETHER!



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