Core De Force Beachbody’s NEWEST program

I think that one of my favorite things about a great workout is the way that it makes me feel! I mean lets be honest motherhood doesnt always leave you feeling like a rock star. Sometimes, dont get me wrong, you feel like a superhero but often times i feel like a exhausted, sugar craving, coffee guzzling zombie. BUT a good workout can change this. Programs like Piyo can leave me feeling so graceful, Cize can leave me feeling like im on the stage as Beyonce’s backup dancer. Earlier this month I got the opportunity to try out a sneak peak of Core De Force and im gonna tell you I felt like a BAD BUTT!!! I mean I was kicking and punching and getting an amazing drenching workout. It made me feel like a beast like not only was i working my WHOLE BODY but I was also is a awesome self defense class.

I could not be more excited to for Beachbody’s NEWEST program CORE DE FORCE! Created by celebrity trainers Joel Freeman and Jerico McMatthews, this MMA style program is SURE to harness your inner MOM BEAST.

If you are looking to do more than just lose weight, if you are looking to completly change your body then this program is for you!!

During this 30 day program you will go through a TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION as you gain strength and lose inches. You will transform mentally as you become empowered by these new things your body can do, this new way your body will look and the confidence that comes with getting in the best shape of your life!!!


One of the great things about this program is that is CUSTOMIZES to you! You work at your own pace, starting where you are comfortable as you beat the competition…..YOURSELF! There are no prerequisites for this program and thanks to the modifier and the move breakdown assistance “Learn it and Work it” you will have all of the knowledge and form to execute the moves safely and properly. Which means it is for EVERYONE!

Ok lets get to some specifics:

  • 30 day programimages
  • workouts 30 to 45 minutes
  • 6 days a week plus 1 day of active recovery
  • no equipment
  • space needed : about 6 square feet
  • high intensity but low impact
  • 8 workouts on 3 DVD’s
  • 3 additional Deluxe workouts avaliable


You will be working your core from EVERY angle. Joel and Jerico call this 360 degree core training! Each workout in broken down into 3 minute rounds followed by a spike. You will be punching, hooking and kicking yourself to a new body.

What about nutrition you ask?

One unique thing about the nutrition guide is that there will be a sliding scale.  According to your personal goals the guide will help you calculate your calorie need so that you are achieving EXACTLY what you want. Weight loss or Shredding. It will walk you through what to eat and how much to eat and there will even be recipes for you to check out too. More calories and more carbs will be your special presents thanks to the AWESOME workout that you will be attacking! There will even be BBQ Chicken Pizza involved!

WHEN WILL THEY RELEASE?? October 31 but ONLY with TEAM BEACHBODY which means you need a coach to be able to purchase it. If you do not have on or you do not have a coach that you are actively working with I would love to help you in anyway I can click HERE to make me your coach.

OCTOBER 24th there will be another FREE CORE DE FORCE workout on Beachbody on Demand. If you already have Beachbody On Demand you are good to go it will the Challenge De Jour that day if you dont have BOD already and would like to catch your sneak peek click HERE to sign up for your FREE 30 day trial to BOD where you will access that workout.

WHATCHA think?? Pumped? READY??


November 7th Im hosting an exclusive CORE DR FORCE test group!  We will all be doing Core de Force and for 4 weeks will be tracking out workouts, nutrition and RESULTS. I cannot wait to see how our bodies change in just 30 days! If you like to be on the contact list for this amazing new program you have two options:

  1. Click HERE to get to my Core De Force Group where I will be sharing ANY information that I get about this program. Think of it as your INSIDE SCOOP! Here you will be treated like a VIP and as soon as the program releases I will post it here and a link so that you and be the FIRST to get your hands on Core De Force.
  2. Fill out this application and I will communicate all of the same information straight to your INBOX

** dont let this be ANOTHER program that gets purchased and set on the shelf and forgotten! Get in this group where you will receive MOTIVATION, ACCOUNTABILITY and tried and true TIPS for SUCCESS ***** 

I cant wait to hear from you!!



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