Free 5 Day Walking Dead Challenge


We all know that there is impending Zombie Apocalypse and we need to be PREPARED!!

Just kidding…kinda! Join me for this 5 day challenge where we will be preparing our bodies and minds for THE WALKING DEAD Season 7 premiere. For 5 days we will be completing a 5 minute workout, drinking water, and discussing all things Walking Dead. There will be season reviews. trivia questions, and fit tips for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

There will be two raffles! I will be posting in the group towards the middle of next week when i secure the raffle prizes. 

1) On the afternoon of October 2nd. Everyone who has followed the link below and joined the group BEFORE 12 noon on the 2nd will be entered into the drawing!!!

2) Saturday October 8th and entries for this raffle will be explained in the group in detail by Sunday the 2nd. 

To join the group share this event, tag two friends in the discussion and then follow the link to the group BELOW ↓


We are going to have a great time reviewing past season, getting in some trivia, sharing our predictions for season 7 and fitting in a little health and fitness in there too!!

You must not be a Beachbody Coach or already working with a Coach.


I cant wait to see yall in the group!



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