3 Tips To Make Running Easier

This month I have decided that the time is NOW and Im ready to start accomplishing my
goal to run in a 5K. I have always wanted to be a “runner” and before I got pregnant with my daughter I had started and had worked up to being able to drag myself an entire mile. This was a huge accomplishment for me!! I also noticed the peace there was in leaving your house putting your feet to pavement and not coming back until you were too tired to go back over the 1000 things swimming through my head!!

The fall has brought the perfect time for me to be able to get started with the best weather possible. This is my second week and I haven’t been able to run quite as much as I wanted. Maybe once or twice a week. My goal for the first 2 weeks was 3 days and then the second 2 weeks 4 days. I was having a problem fitting a run into my schedule but I have decided that the days that I am off during the week I will take the jogging stroller and run while my oldest is in class. This will give me automatically 2 or 3 days out of the week for running.

Since I really haven’t been a runner before I dont have a huge amount of tips for you for running huge distances or training for a marathon BUT if you are just starting out and you want some tips IM YOUR GIRL!!!!



1. HYDRATE!!! Not the morning that you get up and don your shoes but the day before. Which means if you have freedom and flexibility to just decide that you are gonna hit the pavement then you need to make sure that you are hydrating well on a daily basis. You cant run if you have massive cramps in your side or pass out. True story!! 

2. Music! Good music. Make you want to dance music. Check out apps like Spotify or Pandora or create your own list. You can even find song lists that are categorized by BPM (beats per minute). This will help you keep a constant pace that, for me, helps me stay in my groove and run a longer distance. 

3. Change up your route. This is so important for me. I find that when I switch up where im running it is more interesting to me AND its a great distraction. You see new houses, new place and get a renewed pep in your step exploring. This is also great for discovering new terrain. More hills more turns and more flat stretches which are great for resistance and increasing strength. 

I hope that this 3 tips help you get started running. I really is run once you get going and its a calorie BURNER!! I hope that y’all have a great weekend and i look forward to catching up with y’all next week. If you have any question please feel free to ask away!

HEY WAIT!! Check out my recipe for the week Pumpkin Muffins. They are so yummy and my kids LOVED them. My son who hardly sits down long enough to eat sat down and ate 3 within 30 minutes of them coming out of the oven! Click HERE to check out the recipe. Ps if you are following the Portion Fix or the 21 Day Fix meal plan its a NO YELLOW recipe.


Have a great weekend everyone!!!



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