Week 4 Country Heat Review, That’s a Wrap!

Country Heat Week 4! Wait, are you asking yourself WHAT IS COUNTRY HEAT? Click  the link to get to a post where I talk all about what Country Heat is AND what is isn’t.  I have to say that this program and I fought like siblings. There were times that I loved it and times I hated it but honestly it was all in my mood. My mood, your mood sets the tone for everything. If you are not in the right mindset about life, working out, eating the proper things, or reaching your goals….you won’t. You will not reach your goals unless you are ready to.

Motivation is a huge part of being ready. There are 4 things that I do to get motivated, sustain my motivation and regain it for those time when life gets the best of me. Click here to check out a post where I talk about those 4 things. If it is motivation that you lack and you don’t know where start I would love to help your get started.

On to the review!

IMG_2043.jpgTHE MUSIC: I love country music and there is nothing that I hate more than a bad cover. In Country Heat it is all popular, well know country music…covers. They are HONESTLY GREAT!!! I didn’t even have one song that I thought was a bad cover. I found myself singing along and really enjoying each song. They also would mix it up from a popular song to a golden 90’s country song and it was AWESOME. You go from dancing to a Rhett Thomas song to a Brooks and Dunn song and you are hooked. They even hit you with a little Cotton Eyed Joe, LOL.

THE MOVES: There are some great moves in this program! Moves that remind you that you are working out. The “Scuff Squat”, where you scuff your foot forward and then hop into a squat. A real goodie! Then there are moves that are just plain FUN. The “Grease Move” is just so much fun dancing just like your Sandy. Minus the leather outfit, the hair and makeup and plus icky sweat!! There are some silly moves, some moves that are a little tricky. There is a little bit of everything.

THE NUTRITION: The nutrition guide is the same as 21 Day Fix, it uses the Portion Fix System which is the neat little color coded containers. SUPER EASY. The guide details how many calories you will need and how many servings of each types of foods you will need. It will tell you how many servings of veggies, protein, starches,etc. You don’t have to measure or weigh anything. All you do is fill the appropriate color container with the appropriate type of food and whatever amount that fits in the container with the lid on it…YOU EAT! I explain a little more about the meal plan and also give some great ideas for approved lunches that are no or little cook here. One thing that I did in addition to the nutrition is drink Shakeology. Shakeology is a daily dose of dense superfood. There are a ton of vitamins and minerals. It combines all of those things we are supposed to add to our diet but, either, don’t now where to buy them, they are too expensive or we don’t really know how to incorporate them. Flax seed, Goji berry (more). There are so many wonderful things about Shakeology as far as ingredients go! There are no artificial sugars, the list goes on. But these are not the reasons that I drink it every day. Honestly the reasons I drink it are not because of the flax seed.

There are two reasons that I drink Shakeology everyday.

*1* Because it give me ENERGY! I notice a difference in my energy level if I go two days without it. Within a week I was no longer falling asleep on the way home or passing out as soon as I got into the bed. Not kidding!

*2* I drink it because it helps me control my sweet tooth! I normally drink it in the morning for breakfast but if im off work and I don’t drink it during the day, I like to drink it at night when my sweet tooth is fierce!

OVERALL REVIEW: I really enjoyed this program. Not only was it a good cardio workout but it was FUN. It gave me a chance to take it easy on my body. If you saw my reviews of 22 Minute Hard Corps, when you know that i LOVED that program but my legs did not. I got cramps and I couldn’t quite get ahead of my water and potassium towards the end. This was not because of the program this was just a combo of my body and my habits and not getting the right balance. Country Heat allowed me to have fun and get in a great workout and be able to do so BEFORE my oldest was in bed, which means I got to sit down and do what ever else I needed to get done after bedtime. With each program being 30 minutes or less, there were even times I did it with both kiddos awake.

WHO DO I THINK ITS FOR: Anyone who is looking to get started. If you want to get health but really don’t want to work out then this is a great program for you because you are having a blast and you don’t even know that you are working out! If you have kids and you are short on time, attention spans, and space. This would be a great program. This will give your kids and family a chance to get used to the idea with a program that doesnt have any equipment or special to go with it. Anyone with an injury that is looking to get fit but needs to be careful. This low impact program is great.

What do you think? Are you ready? Ready to make the change and carve some time out for you? If you read my review and think Country Heat isnt for you fill out the application and give me a chance to pair you up with a great workout that will get you the results that you are looking for! Together we can do this.



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