Fit and Fabulous for Fall


I absolutely love the fall and am quite typical in my love for all things pumpkin. My husband and i were in walmart this week and just the sight of the pumpkin creamer made me gasp! Its not just the pumpkin that make fall so special. Its the fresh air this season brings, its the open windows, the time outside, the s’mores, the cool mornings with warm cups of coffee. I love the fall. I have for as long as i can remember.

Last weekend we decided to do the first fall event of the season and we invited over our parents and we roasted marshmellows and made s’mores with the kids. Like I said we love s’mores. We got a little brave this time though and tried out a new kinda s’more! Ritz cracker, Reece cup, roasted marshmallow….you are welcome! We had a great time all hanging around the fire spending time together. That is truly what the fall is all about in our family. We seem to come alive.


We have taking these wonderfully “cooler” mornings to get outside and start running again. There is something about mixing up your workout routine that is good for your body. But getting outside? Enjoying the nature that God made just for us, for those cool mornings when we set out so spend a little outside. My husband is a great runner. The type that can just decide yeah ill run and then put on shoes dart out the door and come back with 5 miles under his belt. Me? Oh i think, ponder, wonder if i should stretch, decide there is no point im not going far anyway, grab socks, find my shoes, be gone for 30 minutes and i have ran 1.4 miles and walked .6!

Tuesday was my first run of the fall and it felt great to get out. My son was in school and Russell was reading Charleston her favorite book and i snuck out! Really got a chance to get out of my head and I realized that I want to do this more often! That’s my plan, this month i will be finding and registering for my first 5k. Im so excited, this has been something that i have wanted to do for a while and WHY NOT NOW??

With this new month and this new season comes a new fresh challenge group that i cant wait to fill with a group of women READY to make changes! This is not about getting ripped and being a size 0. This is about making this season, this fall season the time where you start putting a little time aside for you. Time to make you healthier, happier and more confident. Healthier comes from changing your habits, happier comes from results from those changes, confidence comes from knowing that you are worth the time and effort to spend on you!!

So what is a challenge group you ask and why is this one so special?

Im adding a little something special in here! I want to run and i need people to keep me accountable for that specifically. So im looking for 3 ladies out the 5 spots to pair a running schedule that will train us for a 5k with Piyo. In this group, the gals that will be running will be registering for their 5K week 1!!  IF you do not want to run you can choose a plan and work the full program just like the calendar will schedule it.

A challenge group or an accountability group? Its a group of women dedicated to themselves and the results that they want to achieve. They know that their results are dependent on them showing up for themselves AND for YOU!! The only rule in these groups SHOW UP!

What you will get:

  • Daily Motivations
  • A complete nutrition guide
  • 30 Days of Shakeology
  • A complete workout program and i will help you pick out based on the results you want and your lifestyle
  • A full calendar or workouts, telling you exactly what to do each day
  • Tips for eating out
  • a Personalized Meal Plan
  • Tips on how to meal plan and suggestions on how to personalize the process
  • Family/Kid friendly recipes that have already been tested on my family…lol…

What do you need to do:

  • Decide you are worth the TIME and EFFORT
  • Fill out the Application below and i will contact you!







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