4 Tips to How I Get and Stay Motivated

At times isn’t it hard to stay motivated in life no matter what?

As a wife, a mom of two, and a busy woman working out of the house and growing a business, motivation is something that i have to grasp with both hands when i catch hold of it. I also rock this gig solo, as a Fire Wife, for 24 or 48 hours at the time for 3 days a week. Finding time for me is scarce and some days my workout is cut short because one of my babies wakes up from their nap. This is not a perfect system and if you look on at someone who claims it to be know its false. IT’S NOT EASY but IT IS POSSIBLE.

When making the decision to get healthy and start something new, there will always be a transitional period of getting used to this new thing. I promise you it will get easier! It will become routine for you to determine when you will get your workout in, what foods to pick up from the store and what recipes you like best. I know it might sound daunting now but trust me IT WILL GET EASIER! This does not mean, however that life will not try to toss as much as you to knock you back. YOU MUST PERSEVERE.

My motivation is just as flighty as anyone else and I can wake up determined and ready to go and something happen and my mood and motivation tank!  I have compiled a list of 4 things that i do to get motivated, sustain it, and regain it in times of need. 4 things that i go back to to get my butt in gear and get back at it and I hope that they help you too!


  1. Find something that your LOVE and figure out what works for you.

– Find a workout that makes you WANT to press play EVERYDAY! It is normal for life to get in the way and you might really not want to workout but it is in those moments that you realize that you love your workout some much that you just WANT to do it! If it doesnt work for you to workout at 5am….DON’T DO IT. There is a difference between pushing yourself and trying new things and going against the grain of your entire being! Figure out how it works for you! Find quick snacks and quick recipes. Things to keep your kids busy while you get your workout in. Involve them in your cooking so that they are apart and you don’t feel like you are leaving them out. Make it fun and good family time. My son loves to cook and thinks he should help every time. Ps here is a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that we LOVE!!

2. Set yourself to get results.

– 6 days a week I workout and 7 days a week I drink Shakeology. When I do these two things as well as keep my nutrition in line I GET RESULTS!! Shakeology gives me ENERGY. As a mom of two, whose husband is gone for 24 hours at the time and who works part-time, I need as much help as I can get! Working out helps my stress, my mood and it is something that I do to get and feel healthy. It makes me feel better to know that I am putting in the time to take care of me.

piyo and 22 minute hard corps

3. Accountability

– I check in with my challenge group! Everyday I post a daily motivational post and I add a quick tip in there too. There are women in this group with me and they are working out and drinking their Shakeology, they are getting results. Everyday that I check in I see that they are getting results and I think “Hey, what am I doing?”. Then I get my butt in gear and I GET IT DONE! There is something about being in a group of like minded and like goaled women, who are actively showing up and delivering for themselves and the others in the group! If accountability is something that you need click HERE to fill out the application for my next challenge group!

Image result for accountability quotes

4. Take a Break

– It might seem counterintuitive but taking a break is so important. I dont mean stop working out and stop keeping tabs on your nutrition. By taking a break, I mean, maybe go up to the maintenance calorie range. Pick a super fun workout. Do something you normally wouldn’t do but you have always wanted. Take a break from the chasing of NEW results and NEW goals and rest. Maintain. Make sure you are in a groove. Check and make sure you are making this a lifestyle change. Check out this video that I made discussing each topic in a little more detail.

I hope that these 4 things help you get, sustain and regain your motivation for your health and fitness journey. If you have any questions just let me know. I would love to help you in anyway that I can.




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