10 Quick and Easy Lunches, 1 Rotisserie Chicken

Meal prep for the week can be overwhelming! Whether you are coming off vacation and rushing off to work in the next day or so or you had a busy weekend which led you to an even busier week. Or even, just like me, sometimes you just don’t want to!!!! Ugh!

The food that I work on prepping is the food that I take to work. Normally for me that included a serving of fruit, 3 servings of protein, 2 veggies, 1 or 2 starches and  the healthy fast and dressing that might so with those servings.

If you are familiar with 21 Day Fix or the portion fix meal plan then to give you an idea of what im looking for and that i need to make sure i get in, I am on Plan A. Lets discuss a little refresher on the portion fix meal plan, its super easy to understand once you have a few graphics to explain. The beginning of the nutrition guide helps you calculate your caloric need, that will lead you to your corresponding Plan. You will either fall into Plan A,B,C,D. Here are the the Plans associated with caloric range and the colors what you will need to get in for the day. Don’t worry about what each color means yet we will talk about that next.

Image result for 21 day fix

Now lets talk about the colors and what they mean. Each color represents one of the types of foods that you will be eating each day. There is a corresponding container for each color and for example in plan A, the first one, you would get in 3 green containers a day.
Image result for 21 day fix

Ok, back to my plan for my day for prepping for my food. When I am getting my things together to take to work, or even what i need to eat before dinner my goal is: 3 Red, 2 Veggies, 1 or 2 Yellow, 1 Purple and the Blue and or Orange that corresponds. The graphic above doesnt show the teaspoons. They are actually teaspoon servings of oils or butters.

The nutrition guide will go on to walk you through that types of foods are in each categories. What things are yellows, blues greens,etc. This might seem a little confusing or overwhelming at first, it was to me, but soon enough it will click and you will never think of chicken as a protein it will forever be a RED!


Meal prepping can be quick and simple. What I like to do is streamline the process as much as possible while giving myself as much variety as possible as well.One of the best ways to do that is with a Rotisseree Chicken. You can make so may types of lunches with 1 chicken and my goal is to give you 2 work weeks of options for lunches. They wont all be salads or sandwiches there will be a nice variety! Im going to give you an idea and then the variations on that idea.


10 Lunch Ideas 1 Rotisserie Chicken

  1. food3Chicken Salad– This recipe is one of my favorite chicken salads and my secret ingredient is Taragon. My suggestion when making this chicken salad is not to make a whole chicken’s worth, unless you have someone to help you eat it because it makes A LOT! What I would do is make about a cup to 2 cups of chicken salad and have it for a couple days and then try something else. I like mine on a little bed of spinach with some balsamic dressing. You can put the salad and spinach in a wrap or in a pita pocket. The addition of the wrap or the pocket adds a yellow and the spinach adds a green. Follow the link for the recipe for the salad and get the exchanges on it!
  2. Taco Tuesday any day –  Let start with the taco salad option! 1 Red container of chicken (refer to above pictures) and a Green container of spinach or romaine lettuce, cheese, salsa or Pico de Gallo. I like to get fresh pico from the store it will count as a veggie, whereas jarred salsa typically has lots of added sugar and it would count as part of a fruit. You officially have a taco salad!! Easy peasy! Throw all the yummy stuff in a wrap and you have yourself a burrito! Or a personal favorite ditch the wrap and add a yellow container of rice and you have a burrito bowl!!
  3. Stir Fry  – here we can harness the power of steam and fresh veggies! Grab a bag of an Asian Medley or just some good ole fashion broccoli and add some sprinkles of ginger and low sodium soy sauce and you’re set! You can always add in a container of brown rice too!
  4. You can catch more flies with honey – how about a little honey mustard?! 1 wrap, 1 red container of chicken, 1 green of romaine lettuce and a little honey mustard YUMMY!! take out the wrap, add in a few more veggies of choice, a little cheese and some pecans and you have one TASTY SALAD!!Healthy_Barbecue_Sauce
  5. BBQ anyone? -Here is a like to a Health BBQ Sauce for you to try. Just like the others you can make this one your own! Chicken, romaine, cheese of choice, maybe some red onion and bbq sauce for a healthy bbq chicken salad. Throw all of this in a wrap or in a pita pocket and you have a great sandwich.



If you have any questions feel free to ask!!Post them in the comments below or fill out the contact form, I look forward to hearing from you!!






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