Week 2 Country Heat Review

Week 2 of Country Heat has come to an end (check out my week 1 review here) and I im surprised to report that im still LOVING IT!IMG_3067

First let’s start out with the workouts. They really step it up with the details in the moves, the cardio and the beloved BURN. They have moves like the scuff squat and those babies are “fun”. You do what seems like a ton when you are doing the move warm up. It’s not just the squat that makes the move so effective but keeping the rhythm of the move makes sure that the first one and the last one is done with the same intensity and energy. The speed and the option for impact is also stepped up a bit. There is always an option for a modifier  which is there if you need it.

You also add in a Dance Conditioning workout 2x’s a week from now on. It is about 24 minutes and you do stretching and core work. Lots of traditional dance foot placement and positions. Its actually a lot of fun to do because it is so different from anything I have ever done (as an adult) and then by the end your abs are killing you so you know ya did something!

The great thing about Country Heat is that you are working out with out knowing that you are! It fun the moves are efficient and let aren’t slamming your body around so you dont even notice that you are dripping with sweat by the end. You have had a ton of fun, adding your own flare on the moves. The songs are great, popular, on the radio country music. You start off getting used to the workout and the moves and then week 2 builds on the foundation that week 1 provided. Im loving that the workouts are no more than 30 minutes it really allows be to be able to get my workouts done without my kiddos getting too restless. Thumbs up in my book!

IMG_3324Since starting my fitness journey in March of this year working out has basically become a habit. Its something now that my day (normally) a lots time for because i have been doing it for so long. This does not mean that I dont have days or weeks where im shuffling my rest day around to accommodate my wifely & motherly duties!! But for all of you out there who are looking and thinking about getting healthy & dont see time in your day THERE IS TIME but YOU HAVE TO WANT IT. Then you will start to see bits & pieces of things that you can move around, things to cut out just 30 minutes of to achieve your goals.

The nutrition is always a struggle for me! (Lets be real) There is planning issues and forgetting issues and just plan I GOT BROUGHT A LOAF OF HOMEMADE BREAD AND I ATE IT issues (not all of it….yet….). What you consume is the most important thing. It fuels your body, it determines your energy, it affects your body more than anything! The containers are working out great. 1) Im not losing them!! 2) Im not washing and rinsing a ton of little containers at work! 3) It allows me to prep ahead and it be the most efficient space in the frig. Im so thankful to Shakeology! This dense superfood not only give me one convenient meal, that takes about 2 minutes to make, tastes great but it GIVE ME ENERGY. And this mama NEEDS ENERGY!!

Yesterday we started planning week with my Back to School Back to You Challenge group. If you are looking to start your journey, kick start it back up or just plain dont know what to do, I HAVE BEEN THERE! I would love to share with you what i have learned along the way and provide you with a community of support to help you achieve your goals!!

This month is a little unique because beginning September 5th we will be beginning the Beachbody Health Bet. So on top of the benefits that you will get from the challenge group Beachbody will be giving away CASH to those who are consistent and accountable for the month of September! CASH…FREE CASH! You still have time but not a lot of it. So You in??? Fill out the application below and I will get back to you and get you ready!

Think about how great October is gonna feel!

I look forward to talking with you!



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