Getting Paid To Get Healthy

Have you ever said “Hey I wish i had a dollar for every workout I do!” Beachbody had heard your cry and is going to give you the chance to earn some cash for getting healthy and staying consistent!!

Beginning September 5th through October 2nd Beachbody is hosting a Health Bet. They have put 1,000,000 in a pot and they will continue to add 5$ for every challenge pack sold up to $3,000,000. SAY WHAAAAA?!?!?!?!?


Here is how it works!

⇒ You will join my August Challenge group starting the 25th

⇒ This challenge will be through the Free Beachbody Challenge app

⇒You log a minimum of 3 workouts and 5 Shakeology for the week, each week for 4 weeks with a pic.

⇒You will get the support and motivation of not only me as your coach but the group of like minded women just like you looking to become the healthiest they can possibly be.

⇒ You will get recipes, meal planning and meal prep help so that you are set up for success each week!!!

How much will you get?

We dont know yet because we dont know how many packs will sell and we dont know how many people will complete the challenge!

Whatcha think? Want in on that action?

Fill out the application below and I will get you all the information that you need!!IMG_2259.jpg


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