Country Heat BEGINS!!

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I had EVERY intention on beginning Country Heat this past Monday but startinging a new program the week you are on vacation is not such a good idea. It would have worked out but there were 4 adults, 2 babies, and 4 dogs in a 3 bedroom house and floor space was hard to come by. When I did get a chance to work out the few days my son would scream and cry. He was exhausted and wanted me sitting down with him every second that we weren’t in the water. My mom and I would sneak out and go for a run and get out workout in that way.

I really want to be a runner. It seems like something that a well oiled machine can and should do and it has always been a goal of mine. Right before i got pregnant with Charleston, late 2014, I had started running and could run about a mile nonstop. Since i had not been running for very long i wasn’t comfortable continuing it while pregnant. This was just a personal choice!

I have only ran MAYBE once since i have had her even though it’s something that i wanted to get back into. After 8 weeks of PiYO and 8 weeks of 22 Minute Hard Corps the first time i put my feet to the pavement I ran 2.25 MILES WITHOUT STOPPING. I might had been slow but i was MOVING! I was so proud! It felt so good to be reaching this goal, to be getting stronger and to be able to see proof in yet another way!


Today I ACTUALLY begin Country Heat! Like FOR REAL FOR REAL!!I’m so ready and the workouts that i have already dont have been AMAZING!! Armed with my trust water bottle and my completed meal plan, I am set up to ROCK this week!! 


The egg cups are SUPER easy!!!! I sauteed 5 cups of spinach with a little minced garlic, in a medium i put 10 eggs, added the spinach then poured the mixture in to 10 greased muffin tins and then baked them at 350 for 15 minutes (or until they are set). It makes 10 cups and that is enough for 5  days. 1 Red 1 Green 

I chose to add a little flare to the cups for today. I added a little cilantro and then packed up a little salsa too (not on the plan). 


Here is everything that I get to eat at work! Then i have dinner left when i get home and another snack. The moral of the story is it’s the type of food that you choose to eat that will keep you full. The powder in the middle is my Shakeology, i took this last night and i don’t make my shakes ahead of time. 

I managed to squeeze my workout in this am before the kiddos got up! Yay!! The last thing is making sure i get my 75 oz of water in and i will be able to check off today as a success. 

It is ok to have set backs, its ok to take a break, its ok to gain a couple lbs back. The point is that we are creating a new lifestyle so our autopilot is what we are changing. We are changing the habits that we revert back to without thinking. You want those habits to be healthy ones! . You want to mindlessly being the routine of putting yogurt and fruits and veggies in the cart at the store. You want to be in the habit of keeping an eye on your portions, that way when you drop a knee off the cart and skin it a little you can hop right back on the wagon and keep on going!!

What about you? Do you need a little encouragement? Support? Motivation? DO you need a community of like goaled women looking to make healthy changes? 


August 22nd begins my Back to School Back to You accountability group. We are just that a community of women striving to reach goals and dedicated to supporting others to reach theirs. If you would like more information fill out the application below and i will get you all the information to join us! 






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