Back to School, Back to you

We blinked and summer flew by! I don’t know about you but this summer has been amazing for us. We have had so much fun with the kids and trips and our last hoorah being our Family Vacation in Edisto Beach. Since there are two kiddos to trip with we have been testing out beaches here and there to see which ones are going to be the best for us. Last year was St. Simons, Ga, which we loved but it didn’t feel like IT. This year we decided to check out Edisto, SC which we have been to before but thought that a change of pace would be nice. This is one of my husband and my favorite beaches. We love the slow pace, calm “do nothing” feel that Edisto offers plus the fairly short drive to Charleston doesn’t hurt!

We filled our summer with all the fun things that come with having kids to enjoy! There were pool days, slip and slides, the Georgia Aquarium and White Water. My son (3.5) is just at the age where he understands that a trip is coming and becomes full of anticipation and excitement the closer things get. This is soo fun to see and experience. My daughter who turned 1 this month has grown up so fast! Having my son there to teach her has been wonderful and heart wrenching all at the same time! She learns so much faster trying to get to and keep up with him!

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With all the fun that we have had, schedules have gotten a little off, naps have been missed, skipped, cut short. Dinners have been caught up last minute. Eating out has gotten a little more common and there have been such busy days that I haven’t been able to squeeze in my workout. Although this isn’t the end of the world for a short amount of time, I do still have goals that I am trying to reach. There are still places that I would like to push my body!! I am looking forward to the routine getting back to normal, for us to settle back into that consistent pace.

August 22nd I am starting my BACK TO SCHOOL BACK TO YOU accountability group. I am so excited about this group and thankful that it is on the way! Normally I take a coach’s approach to my group where I check in on my challengers and help them along the way. Not this month! This month I will be challenging right along with YOU! Im going to be posting the accountability pictures, meal plans and success and slips ups! I will need YOUR help, support and motivation to stay on track to get where I want to go! There is something about sharing the experience with a group of women who are working towards their goals that makes the process a little more fun and a little bit easier!


We will be really discussing and focusing on what we need to do to get back in the swing of things. We will talk about what obstacles we have to hurdle over. Is it meal planning? Is it finding recipes that are family friendly? Is it cost cutting tips for groceries? Whatever it is, we will discuss it and work through it as a group!

Here is what is involved in my challenge group:

  •  4 weeks of support and accountability to stay on track to your healthier lifestyle
  • Daily motivation and encouragement
  • A judgement free zone to discuss our good days and not so good days
  • Workouts that are both short and effective so that you can get a great workout while fitting it into your life
  • a customizable meal plan and strategies on creating your personal weekly meal plan
  • New recipes
  • A community of positive, uplifting and supportive women who are striving towards their own goals and becoming the healthiest selves possible

So Far So Good?

What are the requirements you ask?

Let me begin by saying that these groups are for my personal customers. If you already have a Beachbody Coach that you are working with, I encourage you to reach out to him or her. If you do not have a coach that you are currently working with then I would love to work with you! If do not have a coach and would like for us to work together then you can click here to make me YOUR coach!!

With me as your coach you will get first choice in my challenge groups, you will know
before anyone when the next one will be and have the opportunity to jump in ahead of time!!

download (2)Together we will pick out a workout program (that best fits you and your goals), shakeology, which will not only provide you with the nutrients that you need each day but it will also help increase your energy level. You will also receive the group AND 1:1 support to help your reach your goals and
become a healthier happier you!

The entire first week will be devoted to teaching you about meal planning, prepping and scheduling your week so that be the time we GET STARTED you are fully equipped for SUCCESS!!

We will meet in a CLOSED Facebook group so that you are free to share and fully utilize the group for ANY questions that you might have!

I know that TIME is a huge issue when starting anything new and if you have kids then you dont have alot of spare to give away. My son love to get involved in my workouts! I even picked him up some 2$ weights from Walmart and he LOVES them! Not to mention that most of the workouts are 30 minutes or less so you can fit them in after the kiddos go to bed if you have to!

You will also get a FREE 30 day membership to Beachbody on Demand, where you will be able to stream gobs of workouts including the FULL program that you choose.

So whats it gonna be? Are you going to make some time to finally get back to you? Are you going to make the decision that you are worth it and you CAN & WILL focus on you for just 30 minutes a day??!?!


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