Final 22 Minute Hard Corps Review

DONE!! Im so excited about being able to tell you about my final results of 22 Minute Hard Corps. Im also going to tell you who I think it is for now what I have completed the program, somethings I went through for most of the 8 weeks and 1 more little nugget at the end!

So I ended up losing 4.8 lbs in 8 weeks! I also somehow ended up gaining 4 inches, which i think is some kind of error, lol, but for real tho! I have no idea what is with that number! Side note: You will notice that as you get further in your fitness journey you will begin to place less value in numbers and more value in the pictures that you take and the differences that you see in those! SO TAKE THOSE PICTURES! I put blood, sweat and tears into this program and just looking at those numbers would have been disappointing but comparing my befores and afters, IM SO PROUD!

Who do I think that this program is for? I think that it is really for anyone! Beginners would be supported because there is a modifier that you can follow if you need. Which i did! It is perfect for anyone who is in a time crunch and needs and effective workout in a short amount of time! The core video is like 10 minutes and you are SORE!! The entire program is full of dynamic, efficient moves that incinerate calories and shred your body!


What complications did I have? The confusion that my body was in for the first 6 weeks! It13697067_1366402426706653_5894316151009299590_n was so lost as to what was going on, I gained weight, I had really bad leg cramps and i really didn’t know what to do! I didn’t actually start losing weight until I started week 7! The last two weeks are where i lost the almost 5 pounds! My leg cramps were a problem until the end. I tried to increase my water but it was tough for me. I tried to add in banana but that was tough too! I made a Banana Bread that helped alot! I cant imagine the pain my legs would have been in had i not been drinking Shakeology. Getting the added nutrients in from my breakfast, i really believe is the only way I could finish!!! I recommend that if you choose 22 Minute Hard Corps that you get the Beachbody Performance line with it. I really think that that would have helped me a lot!!

The last thing I wanted to talk to you about is CONSISTENCY. This is really tough concept because consistency is the ability to stay the course when you are getting NO immediate response or result. I could have easily quit in the first 6 weeks when i was not seeing the results that i wanted but i didn’t, I knew that if i stuck to it and got up everyday and showed up…it would pay off!! So show up and work and it will happen!!!

So here are the pics! The first is the results from 22 Minute Hard Corps and the second is from the beginning of my journey to now.

Full 60 day 22 Minute Hard Corps results.jpg

piyo and 22 minute hard corps


I still have some things i’m working on and goals for my body! I run to run in a 5 K. That might sound easy but I HATE RUNNING. So I guess step 1 learn to like running. LOL!

What are your goals? If you have a goal you are looking to achieve I would love to get the honor of help you and equipping you with the tools necessary to ACHIEVE THOSE GOALS!!

You still have time to jump in my Flab-U-Less July Challenge! Or if you are a country music fan Country Heat is LAUNCHING on July 27th. I was able to preview it this past Monday and it was awesome!!!! Im so excited!


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