What is Country Heat??

No folks , i’m not talking about the scorching temps in the south right now!! I’m talking about Beachbody’s newest program by Autumn Calabrese the creator of amazing programs like 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme!!13533158_1658116231176020_852037576626165108_n

If you like country music, if you own apair of Ariats, or Justins, of you know the words to
Alan Jackson’s Chattahoochee (omg i spelled that right!!!), If your husband drives a truck with a lift, or raised torsion bars (if you know what torsion bars are). If the thought of seeing Jason Aldean or Florida Georgia Line in concert makes you giddy!! Then this program is for YOU!!!!


 If you like Zumba or Cize or to dance, if are a graduate of 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix extreme, if you are a beginner that is looking for low impact cardio, IF YOU ARE A MOM who is just getting started on her health and fitness journey and you don’t want your kids to be tripping over equipment or jumping in your way while you’re trying to do SPIN BURPEES (true story!) then this program is for YOU!!!!

If you aren’t really excited about working out and need it to be SUPER FUN to stay motivated, if you like dancing but you don’t like long, complicated dance moves, if you are a mom who doesn’t want your 3 year old picking up your hand weight and almost dropping them on your 11 month old (true story) then this program is for YOU!!!


Let me tell you all the things Country Heat IS NOT!!

1. Complicated

2. Time Consuming

3. High Impact

4. Ineffective

5. A waist of your time


Now let me tell you WHAT IS COUNTRY HEAT!!


2. Effective

3. 30 Minute workouts

4. 30 Day program

5. Set to popular country music

6. Low impact

7. Bodyweight, NO EQUIPMENT exercises

“It is not country line dancing, the idea came from country line dancing, it was inspired by country line dancing but it is NOT country line dancing!…


The meal plan that goes along with Country Heat is the same as 21 Day Fix, the Portion Fix system. This is the color coded containers that require NO CALORIE COUNTING and NO WEIGHING!! Can I get an WHOO HOO!! If it fits you eat it, which means meal prepping, lunch packing and snack making just for a lot QUICKER, EASIER and DOABLE!!!

Here is what I like MOST about Counrty Heat. If fits YOU. Yep YOU. The you reading this. If fits moms who want/need to be able to workout with their kids in the room and not trample them or them trample you! The you who doesn’t have money to spend on other equipment! You have all you need, your body. You who likes to dance but doesnt like all the complicated choreography, you just want to have fun. You who doesn’t want to or can’t be rough on your body! Its low impact so it is for you! 

Whatcha think!? Want and need more information?? Fill out my application and check the Country Heat Contact List and you will know the information AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT!!! 

I’m kicking off my Country Heat Test Group August 8th!!

country heat.jpg



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