The 6 Week Itch!

Being that I’m in the 7th year of my marriage we joke a lot about the 7 year Itch! I’m not sure exactly sure what it is, if it specifically deals with your relationship with your husband or if it just life in general but so far neither one of us ITCH. Well with a 11 month old and a 3.5 year old we do itch…. to go on a cruise, to sleep past 630am to take them to Universal Studios (ok well that one’s just me, my husband couldn’t care less about amusement parks).

I can tell you what itches though….. the 6th week of an 8 week workout program!! Wow Wow Wee WOW! Many I push play and get my workout in but man i’m ready for something new! This has nothing to do with the program itself, I was the same way with PiYo! I love that program but there are only so many times that you can do the same workouts before you just want a change of pace!

Last week brought me two sick babies, a sick hubby, a sore knee, and aching feet. My workouts were exhausting and i could get back to enjoying them!  So to say i needed some energy, pep or vigor about me to get my workouts done is an understatement!!!! I even downed a WHOLE bag of Apple Crisps while “dealing” with my week’s issues! So i previewed my next program which is gonna be….. YEAH RIGHT!! You
gotta wait!

I loved it though and that is all I’ll say! This really helped give me a boost to keep going! I finished the week off with no gain or loss. Much better than i thought and considering this was my week to gain, since i was alternating every other week, I was super excited!!


Here is my video: I talk a little about getting started with your journey! I hope yall enjoy it. Thank you to all of you who read my posts and watch my videos. I appreciate your support so much. Have a Great Week!!!



ps don’t forget about me 7Day Eat Clean Challenge I still have a few spots available for that!!



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