My spirit is willing but the knee is weak

This past week has brought a plethora of roadblocks and obstacles my way. I have been staying up a little later than normal trying to get some things finished up for the month and its beginning to catch up with me. Charleson woke up Monday morning (I think) really congested and by Thursday, after I got off work, I was having to take her to the After Hours Clinic at 530p which is an hour before her bedtime so you can guess how the ride home went!! Then, to make things better, Friday we wake up to bright red bumps around her mouth, arms and some on her legs…… Right about the time I decided that it was infact Hand Foot and Mouth (ahhhh) she projectile vomited her whole 8oz bottle all over me, her, oh yeah and MY BED! …….

The biggest thing with my body though, other than the exhaustion of lack of sleep and trying to soothe a sick baby who is just UNCOMFORTABLE and a 3 year old who has a cold and a hubby who is “not feeling too well” is my KNEE.

Off and on for the last 5 weeks I have been having this tight feeling running through the back of my left knee. It would come and go and sometime make a clicking or popping feeling but never really any pain, I just knew it wasn’t, probably, good!

I thought that it was a knee over ankle issue or some other form issue because it would come and go. Saturday morning I woke up limping. ugh… As I began to explain what was going on my he was concerned. As i layed down on the floor to show him where the issue was, i raised my leg and flexed my foot and the pain went all the way up my leg to my hip. Then it dawns on me what the problem is. STRETCHING! I spent 8 weeks for PiYo and never once had to think about stretching. Now with 22 Minute Hard Corps I have to consciously think about how my body that kind of stuff again.

So i got to work not only researching different stretches but really listening to my body and figuring out what it needed. I was so tight that I had to start really slow and light to get my leg loosened up! Another important thing to keep in mind with knee pain is that it could be radiating from an issue higher in your leg. So your knee is hurting but it begins from a problem in your hip. In my case it was radiating from extreme tightness in my hamstring!

Here are the stretches that worked for me:

*Im not a doctor, I’m just a women with a sore knee who made it feel better by stretching! Also if you are really tight in your legs you are going to have to start slow and warm up!*

Hamstring Stretch: With your feet together, stand up straight in your best posture. Raise your hand above your head with your body upright and hinge at the waist with your hands hanging down. You want your hips to be relaxed and your back to be flat!! Where will you feel this? Down the backs or both legs. You might be tighter in one hip versus the other and I don’t feel the same amount of stretch evenly in my hamstring. 

Ashley Barnes's photo.Ashley Barnes's photo.







Down Dog: With your feet shoulder width apart bring your hands to the floor and walk them out to all fours. You want to focus on bringing your heal to the ground and your chest to your hips, again making sure your hips are relaxed. Where do you feel this? You will feel this stretch really opening up your chest and shoulders, not pressure or pain just nice slow even stretching. You will also feel it down the back of your entire leg. I feel it the most on the outside of my hamstring and then down the entire calf. IF there is too much pressure in your shoulders, elbows and wrists then make an adjustment and push more weight into your heels. Really relax into that part of the stretch. 

Ashley Barnes's photo.


Pretzel Stretch: Sit on the floor, knees bent and bottoms of your feet on the floor in front of your. Place on foot over the opposite knee making sure your back is straight, reach through your legs and grab a hold of the leg with the foot on the ground and pull it towards your chest. Where do you feel it? The very outside of your leg, high on your hip. It stretches your glute muscles. 

Ashley Barnes's photo.

These are not the only stretches available for your knee and leg, there are tons more with resistance bands and more sitting down. These are just the ones that worked for me. Also these will not help ALL knee pain but what I learned about the pain that i was having is that it was a tightness issues in the other muscles of my leg.

I hope that these help if yall experience the same thing! I hope yall have a great week! Let me know if you have any questions.


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