Apple Quesadilla

Sometime the need for something sweet in the morning is strong. I wake up thinking i NEED syrup today and quick! Sometimes these mornings also collide with…i really dont want a mess to clean up! Whether it because we are getting out of the house early or i just spent all the day before scrubbing the counters, batter is not something that i want to deal with. Plus we make these gooey, cheesy quesadillas some nights for my son and they look amazing! We cook them up in our cast iron skillet and i drool the whole time! By golly I want one!! 

On these mornings i like an Apple Quesadilla! Its quick, not messy and it will kill a sweet tooth. All without canceling all your work or counting as a cheat! WIN WIN!


So here is what i do. I dice up half of an apple (sometimes i peel it) and toss them in a hot skillet with about a tsp of oil. Cook them until they are tender and then remove them from the pan. Add the wrap to that same hot skillet and put the apples in the center. Sprinkle the apples with cinnamon and drizzle a little bit of honey over the top and fold the wrap over. Cook on each side until golden brown! 

Because the apples are so sweet and they honey has made it kinda gooey, I don’t even need syrup! So far we are only at 1 yellow 1/2 purple and 1 tsp

This also goes great with two eggs to round out your breakfast!  1 red

Try it and let me know what you think! Plus next week starts pre season for my June challenge group GET FIT FOR SUMMER. You still have plenty of time to jump in. We have a great group of MOTIVATED women who are DEDICATED to not only their results but YOURS TOO!!



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