22 Minute Hard Corps Week 3 Review

I have never been so exhausted about 22 minutes. If you wonder if you can get an effective, intense, sweaty workout in 22 minutes, I TELL YOU YES!

Although i have only lost 1.2 pounds, this week, i really can tell a difference in my body! I have more muscle tone more definition! I never thought that i would say this but i am so excited to take my pictures and measurements to see my progress in writing. I tell people all the time, it is easier to show off your before pictures as you start to see results.

This week didn’t end on the high note that i was hoping for and it took me a little while to figure out why. I ran out of my Shakeology on Thursday or Friday and i can really tell a difference without it! By Saturday morning I was dragging and by the afternoon i found myself standing gazing in the pantry, welcome back cravings, haven’t seen you in a while! By Sunday I was just aggravated with the inconvenience of all the cooking and preparing!

shakeoIf you have never tried Shakeology and you would like more information, there is a contact form at the bottom of the post. Fill it out and i will get back to you! You won’t be disappointed! There is NO OBLIGATION in asking questions. There are a ton of flavor and recipes available and there is even a bottom of the bag guarantee! So if you get it and don’t like it or even if you get it and drink 20 something days of it, it is guaranteed to the BOTTOM OF THE BAG!

June 20th is the start of my next challenge group. There is still time to get fit for the summer!! We are busy, we are vacationing, we are working on ourselves. Join us as we Climb Mt Fitness together. You will get me as your coach. I have 3 more slots left and i would love to have you join us.juneinvite.jpg


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