Importance of a Cheat Day!



Results Results Results!

You know that feeling when you finally muster all the motivation that you possibly can to GET STARTED on getting healthy? You spent 6 months knowing something SHOULD happen, another 3 months deciding what it should be and then 2 weeks deciding on the day it should start. The very very VERY last thing you want to do is derail your motivation or results. This stage is such a vulnerable time for me that i can’t even look a bag of M&M’s.

Once you settle into a nice rhythm of meal planning and scheduling workouts and you get comfortable with the process it is time to do the last thing necessary to ensure success! ADD IN A CHEAT DAY or cheat meal or even a cheat treat!

I know that this sounds counterintuitive but doing this, treating yourself it keep you on track IF you do it right!!

Cheat meals a essential to your long term success. You cannot sustain yourself thinking “that’s it, I’m healthy now, NO MORE PIZZA…. EVER! You can control your cravings and indulgences my planning ahead. Deciding what you are going to have and when you are going to have it! Not only that, but there might and probably will come a time when your results will taper off or even stop. You will need something to jumpstart your metabolism. One cheat meal every now and them will NOT hurt! In fact if just might give your body the kick in the pants it needs to get going again. Another important reason that you should indulge here in there…. it keeps you SANE!!! It is so easy to get tunnel vision and be only concerned with RESULTS!!! These treats will give you something to work toward and something to work off. CHEAT MEALS KEEP YOU GOING! They keep you grounded.

What should your cheat be? I like to pick one meal. Something that i have been wanting. BBQ Sandwich and Fries. Brownies. Ice cream. Pizza. Anything!


I think that one of the biggest things that I have learned about making a change to get your body healthier is you cant live in an extended state of deprivation. You will only pass the pizza, cake, donuts and homemade potato salad so many time before you absolutely cant any more! So 2 very big tips that i have are: 1 ADAPT YOUR RECIPES!!!! Change them around and make them something that you can eat and it not compromise the success that are are striving so hard for. Click HERE for more recipes that are clean and 21 Day Fix approved that will give you the options of yummy things like: pizza, pancakes, waffles, brownies.

Thank yall for reading my post and i hope that this helps you in your decision to cheat or not to cheat!  What do yall think? How do you feel about cheat meal and what is your GO TO cheat meal?

Working on cleaning up diet and ready to take this up a notch?  Fill out the information below and receive more information about my upcoming Challenge Groups We will talk about clean eating, recipes for success and tips for getting and staying on track.

Make today the day that you decide that you CAN & WILL!


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