22 Minute Hard Corps Week 2 Review

Week two! Wow, this week kinda flew by. I am really enjoying my workouts minus the 26 gorilla crawls that we have to do in Cardio 2. In a future post I hope to get some videos of my favorite moves 🙂

When I’m home by myself I usually do my workouts inside while the kids are down for a nap or while Charleston is asleep and Aiden is chillin with “The Patrol”, yeah its what us cool moms are calling it. Marshal and Chase keep my boy entertained while Im doing my chopper lunges for the day! I am forever grateful that in one episode of Paw Patrol I can get my entire workout in , sometimes before he even notices.

Below i will post my video of how my week went. There are two things I talk about. One is not being afraid to be a beginner , in which i share a story to show yall that I am still very much a beginner. The second thing I talk about is how I make certain things ahead of time so that i have plenty of Grab and Go choices to take to work so that i have myself set up for nutritional success for the day! Here are a couple of options for you that make great cook once eat twice meals. Good options for making extra and freezing them are: 


I will be added a Grab and GO section to the recipe section. This will be nice because you can actually see what is working for me and what isn’t. This July I will hosting a free group that will be helping to stock our freezers before school starts back. This way we have a chance to prep good health, quick meals that will create good habits and extended fitness success.

That’s all i have this week, the video has come good tips for setting yourself up for success so make sure you take a look at it.



If you enjoy these tips and would like more like them, if you are looking for an accountability partner to hold you accountable for reaching your goals. Then i would love to talk with you. My goal and hope is that i can show you that there is always time to take care of you!! There is always some measure of time where you can take care of yourself, DON’T NEGLECT YOU! 


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