21 Day Fix Banana Bread



Before we get started I wanted to share with you a GREAT GROUP that I am running starting Monday! Im running a FREE 5 Day Chug Challenge. I have really been struggling getting in all the water I should be each day and I though why not get a great group together and DRINK some Water, Have some FUN, Learn a little and WIN SOME PRIZES!!!

Click HERE for a link to the group. Follow the link click JOIN and I will get you added, I will send you a friend request so that I can get you some more information about the group and get you added.

Now back to our regularly schedules program! lol!

Yummy yummy yummy! These were great! and i know i say that a lot but these were. Not only did they taste good they were a life saver to my legs.

Starting 22 Minute Hard Corps had been great for my body. I can already see my muscles changing and its only been 1 week. Making it a regular practice to change your workout routine is key. You body can get to a point where it become used to the same moves and routines and confusing your body will result in some awesome changes!

That being said…my body hurts..lol! I also have a bad habit of not drinking enough water so that leads to cramps and before you know it I can hardly walk. Then I’m in the position to have to call on bananas for a 911. I really hate bananas but I’m slowly reforming. Not so much so that I can eat them plain and peeled but i can fit them in my Shakeology or in a scrumptious bread. I really wasnt feeling adding it to my shake this weekend so i went on the hunt for another tolerable method and what i found was breakfast goodness!!!Both banana hater approved and kid approved these will certianly make it into our normal rotation!

As an added bonus they are portion ready! Freezable and then portable!! Great for busy on the go people who are looking to have a wonderful tasty Grab and Go breakfast or snack!! Also these little babies count as a purple or a fruit, .25 red, 1 tsp and 1 orange….NO YELLOWS!!!!! Did you hear me?? NOOOOO YELLOWSSSSSS!!!!!

The wait is over:

21 Day Fix Banana Bread

  • 4 bananas

  • 4 eggs

  • 1/2 cup natural peanut butter

  • 4 tablespoons melted coconut oil

  • 1/2 cup coconut flour

  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon

  • 1 teaspoon baking soda

  • 1 teaspoon baking powder

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Directions: Pre heat oven to 350, combine the first 4 ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth, then add the rest of the ingredients and blend well again. Here you have two options. You can add the batter to a loaf pan and bake 35 to 40 minutes. Or you can add the batter to a mini loaf pan and bake them that way. The second is the method that i used and it was very very convenient! Either way the serving size is 1/8th of the batter so you can either divide the batter and make 8 mini loafs or you can bake the whole loaf and slice into 8 slices. I topped mine with a few chopped pecans and a few chocolate chips, these are not added into the portion swap exchanges so you will have to decide how you want to handle those. It was a great decision to make because Aiden devoured them insisting they were cake.

Either way it freezes great! You can lay the loaf slices or the mini loafs on a cookie sheet with out touching each other and then let them freeze completely and them put them in a gallon bag. When you are ready you can pull out the desired portions and reheat in the microwave to enjoy! bananabread.jpg

If you are looking for some more yummy, healthy recipes that your family will enjoy AND that will keep you on track to your goals to getting fit. Or if you are looking for some support and motivation along your journey fill out the application below. I have a ton of tips, recipes and ideas for getting on track and STAYING THAT WAY!!

Cant wait to hear from you!!






13 thoughts on “21 Day Fix Banana Bread

  1. I had high hopes for this but after 40 minutes at 350 it was burning so I took it out and it sank. 😦 the inside was weirdly creamy. 😦


    1. I’m so sorry that they turned out like that for you! I making a ton and I follow this recipe every time. sometimes they come out drier than others if I’m taking too long but I’ve never had him come out runny 😬 Did you use coconut flour? And a mini muffin pan?


  2. I made this and it turned out delicious. I was wondering though about the container counts… why is it only one teaspoon? With the peanut butter and coconut oil it looks like there is 36 teaspoons which would be about 4 per serving? Also confused on where the coconut flour fits in. I’m trying to start over and do it right so I want to be sure my container counts are on. Thank you!


    1. That’s a great question! And I hope this makes sense. Coconut flour actually falls under the orange container and at 1/2 cup of coconut flour in the entire recipe you actually only get half of an orange in the serving. So the other 3 teaspoons that you are accounting for our going in to fill up the rest of the Orange container. This way you’re not walking around trying to figure out how to get in half of an orange.


  3. I don’t think your counts are correct…for 8 servings I counted 8 purple, 2 red, 36 tsp, and 1 blue for the entire recipe…making it 1 purple, 1/4 red, 4.5 tsp, and 1/8 blue per serving. The red and blue being almost negligible depending on how strict you are. Both almond and coconut flour are counted as blues.


    1. There are 4 bananas in 8 loaves which equals .5 purple; 4 eggs and eight loaves, two eggs is one red so for eggs in eight servings is .25 red; anything I have ever seen that coconut flour is an orange and at half of a cup and eight servings is actually half of an orange; and then for the teaspoons between the peanut butter and the coconut oil it’s counted as 1 teaspoon because the other three fill up the other half of the Orange container.


  4. In Autumn’s recipes she counts coconut flour as a blue. And unfortunately I’ve never seen that you can fill an orange container with peanut butter! Just nuts, seeds, olives, coconut flakes and salad dressing. I wish you could – I love PB! 🙂


    1. Thanks for taking the time to check out my recipe! My goal is just to share what has worked for me in creating a healthy lifestyle. I love this recipe and so did my family so I wanted to share it. I hope you got a chance to try it out it’s delicious!


  5. I know this is stupid and I should have thought of it but you might want to mention that these need to be refrigerated or frozen if you’re not going to consume them the same day- gave my family food poisoning because of the eggs when we ate the left overs the next day 🙁


    1. Wow Im so sorry about that, normally I do put mine straight in the freezer but I have also left them out, I dont normally refrigerate bakes breads. I hope yall recovered quickly food poisoning is awful!!


      1. This doesn’t even make sense. The eggs are cooked when you bake the bread, just like when you bake a cake or cookies. I’ve made dozens of banana & zucchini breads over the years with eggs in them and I have NEVER refrigerated them. I don’t know of anyone who does! I highly doubt it was the bread that caused the sickness.


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