Life After PiYo

drum roll please………….

After careful consideration I have reached a decision!!!

But first in case you don’t know in March I started my fitness journey! I had the goal to lose 16 pounds and fit back in MY CLOTHES!! I joined a challenge group and got to work. With the help of my coach, my fellow challgers and my trust PiYo challenge pack I ROCKED the first 8 weeks of my journey!

In just 60 days I lost 12 inches and 7.6 lbs! WOW! Even with 8lbs left in my goal my clothes fit. Why? Because I shredded inches along with losing weight. This is the benefit of working out and dieting at the same time. Your body accomplishes more than one goal at once. Yes you can just drop weight and losing 7.6 lbs in 60 days might not be impressive to some people but to me it has been a game changer!


I have not only lost weight,  I’m stronger I have more energy and I feel great!

The question now is what does life hold for me after PiYo? Check out this quick video to find out.

Watch the video to learn about the special gift that I will be giving and how to get it!!!


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