60 Day PiYo results

CUE THE CONFETTI!!!!!! Day 60 Is here and I couldn’t be more happy with my results and excited to share them with you!! I have had a life changing past couple of months and am still amazed at what I’ve accomplished. More that anything, I’m shocked at what my body has been able to achieve and how it is raring to go for another round!

For more information on what Piyo is and who I think it would be great for watch this video.

I bought Piyo 4 months postpartum with my second baby. I was able to complete the first 30 days before my train quickly got derailed. In March I joined my very first challenge group and everything changed. As part of Untitled.jpgthe challenge group we combined a workout of our choice, Shakeology and team accountability and support in this amazing trifecta of results!! I
didn’t know ANY of these women, yet they were interested in my goals, results and life. Not only did we support each other in our fitness journey but we supported each other in life. Offering prayers for lost friends and sick babies. This amazing community of support is something that every women should experience.


Not only have I gotten great measurable results but its the immeasurable ones that are the most satisfying. I have more energy, I feel better, my body functions better, I’m stronger, I have a drive to keep pushing and getting stronger. When you look in the mirror and you see things that you don’t particularly care for, you begin to think of them in terms of pounds or pants sizes. You think if I could just lose 10 pounds I would feel better, if I could just fit into those jeans then I will feel better. The truth is that those are not the things that will fill the hole or the void in your confidence. Trust me I know!

What will…what will change your spirit of defeat or doubt into something powerful? Testing yourself and finding out that you can achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter what your goal is! There is power in achieving goals. To wake up and know that you accomplished something that was important to you! Was it easy? No. Was it fun? Not all the time. Did you want to quit? More often than you want to admit. Did you want a Snickers? yep! Did you eat a Snicker?…..maybe…..But you got up each morning and dusted yourself off and made every day a day to GET IT!!! Right there! Power! Deep breath, chest out, on top of the world POWER!



Here is my final PiYo review video for this round! Complete with results and pics! Enjoy 🙂



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