Clean Eating in a Flash (4)

Before we get started with the recipes I wanted to tell you about a FREEZER PREP WORKSHOP that im hosting on AUGUST 8th!! It will be a week long and we will meet in a closed Facebook Group and im this group I will be giving you different freezer friendly recipes and different techniques for utilizing your freezer to get you prepped and ready to go for meal time! Utilizing your freezer will save you TIME, ENERGY and MONEY!!!! I will provide you with a meal plan and a grocery list and we will even discuss an efficient strategy for completing the meals!!

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Well folks here we are! Week 4!  We have spent 4 weeks together talking about some healthy, clean, quick meals that my family including my 3 year old has enjoyed. All though this week doesn’t include brownies (sad face!!) it does include cookies! and a couple other yummy things!

Let start where we all want to start….COOKIES!!!! A couple of weeks ago Aiden wanted to make cookies. The last thing that I want or can afford is to have a dozen or two chocolate chip cookies laying around calling my name AAASSSSHHHLLEEYY!!!!! (shhh cookies i got goals!!) I found an alternative and they are clean, healthy and 21 Day Fix approved.

Guilt Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Guiltless chocolate chip cookies
1 banana
1/4 cup dark chocolate chips
1/2 cup quick oats
1 heaping tablespoon natural peanut butter

Made 7 cookies


These were so!! Good!! We basically ate all of them I think i got 1 stored away from my husband to try. When i moved them Aiden said “HEY WHERE ARE THE COOKIES!” I thought he was gonna attack me!  We are probably going to make them again today!!

The next recipe is one of those that are super super time savers! I dont know about your house but in ours we are constantly using marinara sauce. Whether its spaghetti or pizza or something I like to add to veggies we have an open jar in our refrigerator always!! For 21 Day Fix if your purchase jar sauce then it counts as a purple but if you make it…. you can count is as a green. The issue is the sugar! 

Easy Marinara Sauce

Add all the ingredients to the stock pot with 2 tsp of minced garlic and Italian season to taste, a 1/2 tsp salt and a pinch of sugar to cut the tartness of the tomatoes. This recipe made two jars of sauce!! $$ saver 


Now lets use that yummy sauce!! We love zucchini in our house. I just happened to have 4 of them in my house. I have been wanting to try the boats out for a little while now and so i thought tonight would be a great a time as any. So here is what i came up with to go with our grilled chicken last night


Dump everything in the pot, easy enough! Make sure that you taste it a little along the way. I let it simmer about 30 minutes Then let it cool completely!!! Then put it up for storage how ever you would like. I just happened to have a jar so i used that for on part and then i used a gallon bag. The bags are nice because you can lay them flat in the freezer and then stand them up when they are solid to save space!


This one recipe made 2 jars of sauce!! Not only did this save time but it also saved money. WIN WIN! This is something I will be doing again! The best thing about it is that i used stuff from my pantry. I didnt have to go out and buy anything because I already had this stuff at home. I got to time save with a yummy recipe and clear out some space too!

Zucchini Boats


Saute one onion and 1 cup of mushrooms, add about 1 cup to a cup and a half of sauce. With a
teaspoon scoop out the zucchini and add it to the skillet, let it all cook down. Then stuff the boats and sprinkle with mozzarella and bake @ 350 for about 30 minutes. So So easy.


YUMMY! These were so good. They were so quick and were full of so many veggies that they will definitely be in our rotation!! Next I’m going to add some protein and make taco boats!  

I really hope that you have enjoyed the past 4 weeks as we talked about clean eating and recipes that are clean, quick and family friendly. Here is the grocer list for this week!

If there are any types of recipes that yall would like to see next like crockpot meals freezer meals, make a head meal leave your thoughts in the comments section!!

Hey! If you are looking for more recipes or maybe some motivation and support along your health and fitness journey, fill out the application below. I would love to health your reach your goals!



3 thoughts on “Clean Eating in a Flash (4)

  1. Hi, where are the ingredient amounts for the marinara sauce? I can’t tell by the picture how big the cans are….thanks! 😄


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