7th Week of PiYo

7 weeks down and one to go! Sometimes is hard to believe its already been 7 whole weeks. I have never completed an entire program before and aside from the health and weight loss perks, this feels great to finish something! All the way to the end. I think through the whole program I missed one workout. Just one!

I have had a great time seeing what my body is capable of! Seeing if I could and if I would push myself to get stronger and more healthy. I found that you have to push past thinking of this as a time frame. For example; “If I can just get get those 10lbs then I will be where I want to be”, “If i could just clean up my eating just a little then i would feel better?!”.

This journey, this getting fit idea, this Mt Fitness that you climb is a lifestyle change. This shouldn’t scare you or make you hesitant to commit this should actually comfort you! Just yesterday I was talking to a friend about grocery shopping. I told her that recently I had made the switch and now i do all of my shopping at Aldi. Previously we were both die-hard Kroger girls, swapping coupons and ads and deal ideas, so I was explaining my reasoning behind changing teams. I love Aldi there are only a few choice of eat item so there is no back and forth with brand issues. Peanut butter is a breeze: Creamy, Crunchy, Natural! That’s it!  The Aldi store brand had move to all Organic. The prices are great on produce and eggs can be as low as 89 cent for the carton. I told her that I walk the same path, i get the same things, I have even begun timing myself and I have 20 minutes to get to the check out counter. This works for me.

I know what I need to have in my kitchen to set me and my family habitskeepyouup for healthy success. It will become routine. Its not at first because to begin with it will fit into the “change” category and all things in that category (if your like me) are bad. Except we are all mostly adults and we needed to get to a place where we realize that not all change is bad. This change is quite the opposite. Beginning this journey will make you healthier, happier, give you more energy. Don’t believe me try it!

My challenge this week is to eat clean for 7 days! Just seven and let me know how you feel. Don’t do it like its a prison sentence either. Look up good health taste scrumptious recipes that will tickle your taste buds and as the same time be good for your body and even just maybe help you drop a couple pounds. Last week I gave the challenge to not step on the scale for a week…… yeah i failed! that was hard but im going to start over this week and try it again!

Here is my week 7 Piyo video. Only one more week to go! Woo hoo!! Here is the down loadable copy of the PiYoMealPlanner for you to use. I hope that this helps in your journey


Let me know how you did on the challenge last week


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