Week 6 Piyo Review

Week 6 is in the books folks and in an attempt to not bury the lead I didnt lose any weight this week. I can still feel my body changing an getting stronger and more flexible but the Lbs are getting harder and harder to budge. Im having to really buckle down in my eating! Although I have 9 more pounds to lose in trying to listen to me body and look at it to see what are the results i want that exist off of the scale.

nonscalevictories.jpgThe fact is that I FEEL better! Im more confident just knowing Im working on myself! That 30 or 35 mins a day means I love myself enough to take care of me! That makes me feel good! I have more energy, Im strong! My skinny jeans zip! Even if I am about 10 M&Ms from them bursting! They’re are on, up and zipped! Rememer this YOU ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE NUMBER ON THE SCALE! Dont look at yourself in the mirror and think “Hey there hottie where have you been!” (*wink wink) and then step on the scale and think ” Fat town, fat town next to giggle giggle giggle ville, thats where you have been!!!!” Dont let that number derail all of the hard work that you put into your journey!

This week I challenge you and me: Let commit to not getting on the scale for an entire week! Put them up, hide them, have your husband hide them! Do something! But spend this week being proud of your work and letting your body tell you how you are doing, instead of a number!!!

Here is my week 6 review video.

As usual here is my meal plan for the week and the PiYoMealPlanner for you to use!

I hope that yall have a great week! If you with me on the no scale for a week challenge post in the comments below and we will all check in next week!! I cant wait to talk to yall then!





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