Week 5 Piyo review

So I just finished up my 5th week of PiYo and I feel great! I have had great results so far and they just keep getting better. I love this program and how it has allowed me to get stronger, more flexible, and toned in such a short time! After rounding this week out my total pounds down is 6.2! This puts me 8.4 lbs away from my goal weight.

When i started this journey pounds were my first and foremost goal. I have a pair of jeans, you know, THAT PAIR of jeans. Those jeans that you look and and hold in your hands and promise that you will have them back in commission “soon”. I knew that to get back in those beloved jeans that I would, at the time, have to lose a total of 18 lbs. Although I had these thoughts also of pushing myself and seeing what I could do, I had no idea what that would look like on my body. As I stuck with PiYo and drinking my Shakeology and now coming in to the 6th week of the whole journey, I KNOW what i want, I KNOW what I can look like, I can see that now. Im pumped!

This doesn’t mean that I’m like a robot. This doesn’t mean that i didn’t just eat some french fries! This just means that i eat a couple fries and not a whole large with 20 packs of ketchup (ex is from past experiences). It doesn’t mean I don’t got to the self serve frozen yogurt place, I just don’t make on big enough for 3 people with enough cookie dough for 8 cookies ( ex #2 again from past experiences. Life is about BALANCE. You hear the phrase “everything in moderation”Nehemiah-8_The-Joy-of-the-Lord_Bible-Verse-Art_01C and that it! The ratio isn’t 1:1 though. Not a grape for a cookie or a salad to a slice of pizza, so keep that in mind.

Life is going to happen! Life is going to get in the way! Trust me! Embrace it and be as prepared as you can be. The point is not to never stumble, the point is when you do GET BACK UP!! You are going to want cookies again and you are going to want pizza again and you can have all the drive in the world and be #committed to the letter but guess what you are going to want ice cream or cake again! So don’t with hold yourself completely. Have some, a little some, every now and then. Also the secret is adaptation!!!! Don’t keep eating the same calorie dense desserts. Change them so that the taste is just as satisfying and the impact is less! The is truly the secret the IT thing that doesn’t get said enough in my opinion. ADAPT your favorites so that they are amazing and good and still on track for your journey!

Nehemiah 8:10 Says “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

(dismount soapbox here:)

So review time! Week 5 not my best week. Life got in my way. I have been tired, Charleston hasn’t been feeling well. When I’m not up because she is up then I have been up worry about her like I’ve got all this time to spare. We have been busy too, lots going on hubby work and then when he is home just seems like there is a lot to do!
My workouts weren’t award winning and neither was my meal plan. I got derailed on both. Here’s were you can get some more detail. Also you can watch this video so see my sweet Charlie girl steal the show! I was gonna tape it over, in fact i tried but i really wanted yall to see me. And Charleston crawling all over and talking over me and being her busy self is ME. Its important for yall to know that I’m a mom just like you, with small ones just like you, working out of the home just like you. So i get it! I get its hard, I get its stinks, I get that you want your body to be different so bad that you can taste it and you are hesitant to get started because you don’t want to fail and you don’t want to get confirmation that you cant do it. BUT I’m here, your not alone. I’m on this journey with you.
And ill tell you, you should do it for you. You should do it so your kids see you doing something for you. Its important that we teach kids how to be good adults. And teaching them how to dream big dreams and reach goals SHOULD be part of being a good adult.


(oops stepping down now)

Here is this weeks meal plan  and the blank PiYo Meal Plannerfor you to use. Some of the recipes can be found here and some of the the other will be posted this Saturday in the second part of Clean Eating in a Flash also some health pancake options if you care to enjoy those as well!
See you at the top


One thought on “Week 5 Piyo review

  1. Hi, my name is Abel and I just wanted to say first of all…… your child is too precious. Second, thanks for the shake recipe……. I can’t stop drinking it. Enjoying the page. Keep up the good work.


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