Transformation Tuesday

Hey guys! Yesterday was my 30th day of Piyo!! whoo hoo! (cue the confetti) Im so excited with how it has been going for me and I wanted to share with you my review and the results that I have had so far because they are great! The end of this first half of the program has left me pumped and ready to see what it has in store for my body in the next 30 day!


For the last 30 days I have combined clean eating, Piyo and Shakeology and have gotten amazing results. Clean eating has left my body feel great. I no longer have the groggy, sluggish feeling that comes with eating processed foods and using artificial sugars. Working out has not only helps me physically but also mental. I feel more clear, present and focused having incorporated a regular fitness regiment. Last but not least, Shakeology. I have to admit that when I found my current challenge group and Shakeology was a requirement I was less than excited. I had no understanding of its quality or its value in my weight loss and fitness journey and frankly I didnt care. I resigned myself to the fact that I would take the cost of the challenge pack and divide it by 4 and think if it as that was the cost for my support and accountability.

I can honestly tell you as a firm believer that Shakeology is everything that you are told it will be and more. There are lots of amazing, high quality ingredients that are wonderful for your body and well being! These are ingredients that we purchase separately many times: flax seed, chia seed, ouinoa, goji berry. We buy these ingredients knowing that they are good for us and that they need to be incorporated in our diets but often time we have no idea how! I have a bag of flax sitting in my frig now that very well might go back if I dont get on it! I have had other protein powders and I have never had one that tasted as good as Shakeology taste. I have never been completely full from a shake but not any more I can honestly use Shakeology as a meal replacement and be full. There are all kinds of recipes that you can try out for making the traditional smoothie or you can use Shakeology to make desserts! I will soon be doing a post on dessert recipes that I have tried and liked!! If you are on the fence about getting Shakeology then this is my honest advice….buy it! Try it! If you dont like it then there is a bottom of the bag guarantee and you can send it back just like that! I doubt that you will want to though once you truly see the potential and value that that bag adds to your life and your desires to reach your goals!


First here is  this weeks meal plan feel free to take a look and see exactly how I map out my day. I usually save a fruit and nut butter for a night time snack, I have even been known to add a few chocolate chips! Here is also a copy of the weekly food planner that I’m using while doing PiYo feel free to download a copy for your own use!! IF you need help filling out the meal planner or have questions post them in the comments below. Some of the recipes are already posted like 21 Day Fix pancakes but others are to come so stay tuned!

Here is the review along with my results and pictures to go along. I hope that you find it helpful. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions! Hope you have a great day.

Thanks for watching






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