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Sunday night was my official reveal beginning my journey as a health and and fitness coach. Beginning something new is always  fun but a little scary too. I fell in love with getting fit and pushing my body while getting back in shape after having my oldest, my son Aiden. I gained 46lbs while pregnant with Aiden and I was sore, tired and and I had weight to lose big time.  I spent 7 or 8 months after having him fitting into only 1 pair of jeans and apologizing to my scrubs every time I squeezed them on.

When I decided that enough was enough I went to  a local weight loss center for help. I lost the weight with only changing my diet. Although this was an effective way to lose weight I knew something was missing. I lost a total of 63 pounds! After i lost the weight that I needed to I was ready to move on to adding working out but I had no idea where to begin. I did some working out with a personal trainer for a while, I started running for a while but when i got really comfortable with that I got pregnant again!

I went into my second pregnancy much healthier and much stronger. Unfortunately the first trimester exhaustion was no joke for me. I didn’t have the energy to do anything other than work (which i was still doing full time) and chase Aiden…slowly! The second semester was better but by the time I reach the third, I was done. Exercising wasn’t just put on the back burner it was taking off the stove all together!

I gained 42lbs total with Charleston. This time I did some research found Piyo. Piyo is a low intensity Pilates and yoga mix that is amazing for building core strength. There are modifications available while you are building up your strength and flexibility. With in two weeks you can see and fee results. It comes with a specific workout schedule and  Currently I am down to shedding the last 10lbs left over from growing Miss Charlie.

Lets pause here for a moment. Why did I choose a Beachbody program. Why did I go to them? Multiple reasons (not in any particular order). Their infomercials are always on. On Saturday morning you can always find Saun T or Chalene talking to a host about how great their product is and showing you people with these great results. so #1 exposure. But..I don’t like to be roped or convinced into anything so I go to the website. I looked around and started seeing what they have to offer. Immediately when you go to their site, it is set up like a community. There are “connect” places and join group tabs it really presented itself to me like somewhere I could go where people really did care about me, my goals, and my fitness. Little did I know that I was just scratching the surface on that! 2. There were meal plans with the workouts. How many carbs? No carbs? How much protein? and please just tell me how much peanut butter I can have!!! All that was right there easy to follow and written out for me. Then there is a workout schedule! Everyday I’m told exactly what to do, for how long to do it and how many times to do it! SIMPLE!!! ORGANIZED!!! WRITTEN OUT FOR ME!!! CAN DO IT AT HOME!!! I don’t have to get dressed, get the kid dressed, figure out a time between naps. Golly! I can do it during naps! It fit me, it fit my life style. And I’m just saying it can fit yours too.

So if your keeping tabs that’s 63+33+30 (i lost 15lbs or so right before I graduated Therapy school and then again after I got hired, we like to eat) = 126lbs

126lbs that I have lost over the last 7 years! WOW never really written it out like that! That is a lot. A lot of time. A lot of protein bars. A lot of skipped french fries! I tell you all of this to say that I might not have a formal education in any of this but I have a degree from life in what it takes to lose weight, see changes in your body, and what route to take to be on track to reach goals. After 126 pound dropped I have come up with some tips and trick along the way about staying on track and how to live in the center of your life with out derailing your whole plan. Kids get sick, things run late and fast food is all there is to grab, dinner gets burned and plan B isn’t as healthy and sometime you just want a chocolate milkshake to dip your fries in and all of that is ok!

I’m so excited about this new journey. I’m excited to work with people who are ready, willing, and dedicated to making a healthy change in their lives. I have goals, I’m no where near the end of the list of things I want to accomplish. I would love to work along side of you as we reach out goals together!







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